Affenpinscher: Dog Breed Description

Affenpinscher first appeared in Germany in the 16th century. Translated to “ape-like”, this breed received this name due to its appearance and interesting behavior. Athletic instincts and strong temperament have made these dogs very useful in killing mice and rats. Nowadays Affenpinschers have become companion dogs for their owners.


The Affenpinscher is a harmoniously built and strong breed. They combine enthusiasm and courage, courage and charm. This breed surprises with its agility and agility, has good thinking and even intelligence, but at the same time is gentle and sensitive. Affenpinschers are often viewed as top-notch hilarious.


Affenpinschers are very smart and curious. Affectionate and playful, mischievous and funny. They get along well with other pets, but it is not advisable to acquire such dogs as friends for small children, since this breed tends to zealously defend its toys and food. If they begin to perceive anything as a threat, then they become fearless and aggressive towards the imaginary enemy. Affenpinschers are very funny by nature, love to have fun and wait to be entertained. These dogs love to be close to their family.

Wool and care

Affenpinscher is a tangle of dense shaggy hair, coarse and coarse, located along the entire length of the shoulders and back. The neck, chest, paws, belly and head are covered with a less hard layer of fur. As soon as the Affenpinschers grow up, a so-called mane forms on the neck, the eyebrows become thicker, and a small beard appears. Wool protects against extreme weather conditions. The color is very varied: from black and silver to brown and red. Affenpinscher’s coat does not require special care, it is enough to comb and pull out “stray” hairs every day, which grow, for example, in the corners of the eyes and cause irritation, but in no case should the dog be cut short.


These dogs are difficult to train. Reputable owners who are able to show firmness and consistency in training are highly respected. This breed is quick to learn, but does not like the constant repetition of commands. The best learning will be obtained when the Affenpinscher is given various interesting tasks in order to simultaneously learn and have fun.


Affenpinscher is very cheerful and energetic. To be constantly on the move, you can play with them both indoors and outdoors, but on a daily basis. They are very fond of walks in the fresh air. Alternatively, you can build a small fenced yard so that your pet can run around and throw out energy. Affenpinschers, although small in size, love to bark and thereby show that they are real defenders.

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