Afghan Hound: Dog Breed Description

The Afghan Hound is a very popular breed and a wonderful companion for its owners. Elegant and loyal, they are very fond of the owners, but they are cold towards strangers. The social factor is very important for these dogs, that is, they do not like to be alone or in the circle of people they do not know.


A beautiful and intelligent breed, with proper care it can look very dignified, royally. An Afghan hound can be disobedient if the owner did not educate it. A dog can become a full-fledged member of the family and a part of the life of its owner.


Affectionate, sweet, loyal breed. Afghan hounds are very sensitive and require careful handling. But at the same time, noble and even courageous dogs. They get along well with children and pets; their social character helps to find a common language with everyone.

Wool and care

The Afghan Hound has a thick and silky coat with a very fine texture, especially long on the back and legs. There are certain requirements for the care of the coat. First, it doesn’t have to be trimmed, just a natural look. To prevent the coat from fading, it is enough to bathe the dog once a week, after which the coat must be brushed as it gets very tangled. There are special tools for this purpose.


This breed is very sensitive and therefore needs careful, consistent training. Any lessons should be social in nature and preparation thorough. With the wrong upbringing, such dogs become disobedient and even aggressive.


For full development, the dog needs to be walked every day, fenced enclosures are also well suited. Fresh water must be available during walks, as long hair quickly heats up in the sun and causes discomfort.

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