Akash: Dog Breed Description

Akbash is a very rare and elegant breed that appeared in Western Turkey 3000 years ago. These dogs were originally shepherds of sheep, so exclusively white specimens were selected to be invisible and eliminate predators. In the United States, the breed appeared only in 1970, and was officially recognized in 1998.


Akbash is distinguished by bright appearance and proud demeanor. They take their family very seriously; they are good hunters and protectors. The size and power of the enemy will not stop the dog when he threatens the health of its owner.


Akbash is not advised to acquire for novice dog breeders, as it requires both attention and special care. Dogs are very attentive to family members, especially children, get along well with other pets. They react very aggressively to the invasion of other dogs on their territory. By nature, this breed is loyal, affectionate, gentle and at the same time independent. Akbash is an ideal guardian of the home and household.

Wool and care

Akbash wool consists of two layers. The first is a thick and soft undercoat, the second is longer and coarser. Dogs often have wavy hair, especially on the thighs, legs and tail. The coat does not protect the dog from adverse weather conditions. As for smells, this breed emits very little of them, therefore, they need to be bathed when absolutely necessary and using a mild shampoo. You can use dry shampoo.


Akbash is a good companion, but requires intensive communication and training from an early period. This breed has an independent, independent character, but very dependent on its environment. Akbash lends itself well to training if it is carried out thoroughly and with constant repetitions.


This breed is absolutely not suitable for living in an apartment; the best habitat for it will be a fenced yard or countryside. Walking is the favorite pastime of Akbashs.

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