Akita: Dog Breed Description

This breed first appeared in Japan. For centuries, the Akita has been considered the national dog of Japan. Akita is very highly valued, and in ancient times such pets belonged only to the nobility and aristocrats, they were in the imperial guard, they were engaged in hunting for wild boars, bears and waterfowl. The breed is considered the largest of the Spitz-type breeds. Nowadays, Akita is the most faithful companion and watchdog.


Akita is a large, strong and muscular dog. Her large paws make her an excellent swimmer. They are very reserved and behave with dignity. Very courageous, but at the same time responsive and noble. This breed loves to dominate.


By nature, Akita is very responsive and fearless, madly in love with a person. Such dogs are very loyal to their family and those they know, but they are very careful with strangers. They take and protect their family and its territory seriously. They are especially aggressive towards dogs and other pets. He loves children, but is unkind to other people’s children. Akita is an excellent watchdog, requires a lot of attention, so he feels very uncomfortable without communication. It is not recommended to keep such a dog for novice owners or calm people who cannot rein in the dog.

Wool and care

Akita has a double coat. The outer layer is hard and straight, the inner layer is soft and close to the body, keeping warm. The hair on the head and ears is short, and the most abundant and longest is found on the tail. They molt, as a rule, twice a year. By color, Akita can be either pure white, or brindle and dark colors. His coat requires careful grooming, and daily brushing will help. But you can bathe your dog only when absolutely necessary and with a mild shampoo to prevent the removal of the layer of natural oils from the skin. It is very important that the bottom coat of the coat has its natural functions.


Akita needs intense training, he needs to know who is the boss. Only hard training methods will be effective, but at the same time, in addition to effort and patience, the dog needs to be treated with kindness and respect.


This breed does not require a wide variety of exercises, they like to participate in family activities. They may do well indoors, but they need daily walks in the fresh air, like other dogs. When walking, it is advisable to keep the Akita on a leash to avoid aggressive encounters with other pets. Not suitable for apartments, they feel better in a house with a securely fenced yard.

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