Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog: Dog Breed Description

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is a very rare endangered breed. There are only 150-200 such dogs around the world. This breed was revived in South Georgia, USA in the 1800s through a special breeding program that Buck Lane founded and continued by his granddaughter Lana. The breed, besides the official name, was known as the blue-blooded breed.


Bulldogs of this breed are of powerful build. Used dogs for sports and protection purposes. Possesses excellent qualities of a protector, therefore, for centuries this breed was considered the main guardians of farms and cattle. They were also excellent boar hunters.


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog have strength, vigilance, athletic qualities and endurance. And all this is complemented by the extraordinary nobility, thanks to which the breed was named “blue blood”. The protection of the owner, his family and property is a natural instinct of the dog. These dogs by themselves are not aggressive; they enter into a fight only when urgently needed. Bulldog is a good friend, loves and protects children, gets along well with other pets, even cats.

Wool and care

The dog’s coat is coarse and short. The color is very different: from white and marble to brown and black. No special care is required for the coat; it is enough to comb it from time to time to remove dead hairs. Bathing is enough once every two weeks.


These dogs are very intelligent and have good training abilities. Easy to train, calm and obedient, do not try to contradict the owner. For example, you can teach a bulldog to walk on a leash in just a couple of days.


The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is sporty and energetic, has long and powerful muscles, and their unusually large heads make breathing easier while running. They feel good both indoors and in a small fenced yard. They love active games, jogging, have good results in sports.

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