American bulldog: Dog Breed Description

After World War II, this breed practically disappeared, and it was only thanks to the efforts of John D. Johnson that the American Bulldog was saved. Initially, these dogs were kept by farmers to protect their farm.

The American Bulldog is distinguished by its efficiency, endurance and qualities of a protector and hunter of bears, wild boars, and raccoons. This species is considered rare, and also ranks first in its universal abilities.


The American bulldog is very athletic, powerful and muscular. Thanks to their strength and agility, they can jump six feet or more. Their courage, masculinity and fearlessness simply have no boundaries.


The American Bulldog is friendly, gets along well with children, but because of its size, families with older kids are better suited. This breed communicates well with dogs, as well as with other pets, including cats. They are loyal companions, have strong guarding instincts, are wary and restrained towards strangers, but not aggressive. The breed is not recommended for beginner breeders.

Wool and care

The American Bulldog has a close-fitting short, stiff coat. The color can be from white, brown and black to various color combinations. Wool should be cleaned regularly, and bathed very rarely and if necessary, and be sure to use a mild shampoo. The American Bulldog is a relatively healthy breed, does not suffer from serious illnesses, and sometimes there are joint problems.


For this breed, training is mandatory, the lessons must be clear, consistent. It does not lend itself to training by harsh methods, it is better to patiently use the options that are more acceptable to it. The main talents of the bulldog are its hunting and protective qualities.


Loves active games, loves walks in the fresh air. The American bulldog can adapt well both in the apartment and in the yard. The main guarantee of a healthy lifestyle for the American Bulldog is constant exercise, attention and communication with loved ones.

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