American English Coonhound: Dog Breed Description

The American English Coonhound or Raccoon Hound is a descendant of Irish and French dogs brought to America from the Old World. The settlers used them to hunt a fox in the daytime and a raccoon at night. Initially, Coonhounds did not meet American hunting breed standards as they could not pursue game in the forest.

In this regard, the original breed was crossed with the English Bloodhound, which greatly enhanced the ability of the Raccoon Hound to track the animal by its smell. Currently, the American English Coonhound (Raccoon Hound) is used for tracking and hunting raccoons, as well as for hunting opossum cougar, deer, wild boar and bear.


The American English Coonhound is an athletic dog that lends itself well to training. He moves easily, is very enduring, energetic and strong. Coonhound is capable of developing significant speeds, is versatile, highly competitive.


Gentle and loyal, careful, at the same time fearless, loyal to its owner, the American English Coonhound feels much better in the company of other dogs than if he is the only dog ​​in the house. He gets along well with owners, children and other pets, especially if he was brought up with them. The American Coonhound is a very sensitive, energetic and lively dog.

Wool and care

The American English Coonhound has coarse, coarse and short hair || It is recommended to regularly clean it with a thick bristle brush, but you only need to bathe the Coonhound if there is an urgent need for it. In addition, you should regularly check your dog’s ears and paw pads, and clean them of dirt. The American English Coonhound is prone to developing hip dysplasia.


American English Coonhound from a very early age needs socialization and constant communication with people. It is useless to act with harsh or overbearing methods. The most important thing in teaching is firmness, consistency, patience and fairness. The American Coonhound (Raccoon Hound) is an excellent working dog that adapts well to field conditions.


The American English Coonhound is a very energetic dog that is not recommended to be kept in a city apartment. Coonhound’s activity can only find application in rural areas in the company with an equally energetic owner. If such a dog spends too much time within four walls, then it will yearn, persistently bark and even spoil things.

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