American Eskimo Dog: Dog Breed Description

The American Eskimo Dog, aka Cloud Spitz, which in common parlance is called simply “Eskimo dog”, was bred in Germany and belongs to the Spitz family. In addition to being an excellent watchdog and companion dog, Cloud Spitz has gained immense popularity as a circus performer. Incidentally, a dog of this particular breed first walked a tightrope.


The American Eskimo Dog demonstrates agility, beauty and strength. It is a well-balanced and compact dog, small to medium in size. She is distinguished by increased vigilance.


An adorable, flamboyant and affectionate breed, the American Eskimo Dog shows special talents as a companion or guardian. He really needs constant communication with a person, and therefore, if you leave your pet alone for a long time, his behavior can become destructive: he can start to actively bark or spoil the surrounding objects. These dogs are good for older children or those they know from their puppyhood. They are highly distrustful of strangers and seek to protect their family, property, or territory. Other pets, of the same or larger size, are treated very well, but in relation to those that are smaller, they occupy a dominant position.

Wool and care

The American Eskimo Dog is dressed in two layers of wool. The outer layer is a long guard coat; inside there is a dense and dense undercoat. A thicker and longer coat is found around the neck, chest, rump and hind legs. The tail is especially generously and luxuriously decorated. In order to prevent tangling and matting of this beautiful coat, the American Eskimo Dog should be brushed and brushed with a thick comb two to four times a week. When necessary, Eski can be bathed using a special shampoo for dogs with white hair. Claws should be trimmed regularly. The most common conditions are obesity, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and dislocation of the patella.


Early socialization and obedience training is recommended. The American Eskimo Dog is smart and very eager to please his master. He is good at learning all sorts of tricks. These dogs should not be treated with harsh or arbitrary methods, training should be carried out on the basis of firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


Active exercise needs may vary depending on the size of the dog. The American Eskimo Dog is usually quite content with active games inside the house, while the miniature and standard version requires daily walks on a leash. These dogs are well suited for keeping in a city apartment, provided that they have ample opportunity to fulfill their needs for exercise and mental stimulation. A small, well-fenced yard is ideal for free walks. American Eskimo Dogs differ in disciplines such as agility, obedience, performing all kinds of tricks and guarding.

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