American Eskimo Dog: Dog Breed Description

Exactly how this breed of dog came about is not known, although the most common version is that the American Eskimo dog was bred in the 20th century by German immigrants who settled in the United States. Dogs of this breed belong to the Spitz family and are presented in three different categories: Toy, Miniature and Standard: They gained the greatest popularity during the 30s – 40s of the 20th century, when they began to perform in circuses with great success.


This breed of dog, which in common parlance is often called Eski, has a compact, but, at the same time, strong physique. Of the Scandinavian type, they are extremely agile and agile dogs. It is believed that in terms of their intelligence, they leave behind many other breeds. The American Eskimo dog is a well-balanced, hardy dog ​​that belongs to the category of long-livers. Dogs of this breed are versatile, possess outstanding working skills, and also make excellent companions.


Since these dogs were bred to serve as family companions, the American Eskimo dog is truly a member of your family. This is an extremely cute and playful dog that gets along wonderfully with children and loves to be in the spotlight. At the same time, dogs of this breed are suspicious and wary of strangers, and therefore they excellently guard their home and their family. They are very fond of barking and will surely raise the alarm whenever it seems to them that it is necessary. The American Eskimo dog should not be left alone for long periods of time, as this can be very stressful for him. And this means that the dog may get sick or its character will significantly deteriorate.

Wool and care

The American Eskimo dog wears a magnificent two-layer fur coat. A long guard coat grows through the dense undercoat, from which a beautiful outer layer is formed, absolutely straight, without the slightest sign of waves or curls. Around the dog’s neck is an even richer and fluffier collar. The backs of both the front and hind legs are beautifully decorated. The color is snow white or white with creamy or light brown markings. Molting is of medium intensity, it occurs twice a year. This breed should be brushed twice a week with a firm bristle brush to help prevent tangles and mats. During seasonal moulting, cleaning should be done daily. Because the American Eskimo dog has drier and thinner skin than most other breeds, it should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. The most common diseases are hip dysplasia, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.


The American Eskimo dog is easy to train, especially since this dog seeks to earn praise from its owner. They stand out especially in all Obedience competitions. In order to prevent the possible aggression of this dog, it is extremely important to carry out early socialization in time. Learning should be based on firmness, fairness, consistency and positive reinforcement. The American Eskimo dog shows special talents in terms of guarding, performing stunts, obedience competitions, agility; in addition, the delicate scent of these dogs is used in drug detection.


This is a very active breed that requires daily training. These dogs really enjoy walking with their owner on a leash or playing free in the courtyard of the house. The American Eskimo dog is quite active indoors and in general he must be constantly busy with something. She just loves to take part in active family activities and games. Dogs of this breed are well suited for living in an apartment, provided that you devote sufficient time to studying with them.

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