American foxhound: Dog Breed Description

Dogs of this breed are direct descendants of English and French dogs. The American Foxhounds are said to have been used by colonialists in the 17th century to hunt down Indians. More recently, however, the American foxhound began to be appreciated for its talents in hunting wild animals. These dogs were never meant to be purely pets. They gained particular popularity among the rich, who amused themselves with hunting foxes.


A sleek, athletic dog, the American Foxhound has great stamina. These are keen hunters following the trail, focusing exclusively on their sense of smell. This instinct they have is so strong that they will follow any smell that interests them, without waiting for your command. The American Foxhound is a robust, socially oriented, friendly and active breed.


The American Foxhound is affectionate and affectionate towards his family and, at the same time, shows considerable courage when hunting. Gets along well with children and other dogs in the house. But as far as smaller pets are concerned, dogs of this breed should not be trusted. They do not make ordinary pets, since they are pack dogs that are used to living on the street. Due to their gentle and friendly nature, they are unlikely to make good guard dogs.

Wool and care

The American Foxhound has a medium length coat that fits snugly to the dog’s body and protects it well from bad weather. Shedding medium intensity. Dogs of this breed require regular brushing with a heavy bristle brush. You can only bathe if absolutely necessary. It is important to constantly check and clean your pet’s ears. The American Foxhound does not have any hereditary diseases, although it can easily become overweight if overeating.


It can be quite difficult to teach an American Foxhound to keep an apartment clean. In order for a dog of this breed not to show excessive shyness, it is recommended to carry out its moderate socialization. To achieve the best learning outcomes, it must be based on fairness, firmness, consistency and consistency.


Since it is an extremely energetic breed with loud and loud barks, these dogs should not be kept in a city apartment. The American Foxhound needs a very large amount of exercise, otherwise it can become hectic and destructive to the environment. It is best to keep this breed on a rural farm or in a house with a large and well-fenced yard. They especially stand out in disciplines such as agility, tracking and other hunting disciplines.

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