American water spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The American Water Spaniel breed name is usually replaced by the abbreviation AWS or ABC. Since the 18th century, dogs of this breed have been used on farms as well as hunting dogs, especially in the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. ABC is one of the few breeds bred in America, and it is customary to refer to it as a rare breed. In fact, while the American Water Spaniel is very little-known outside of the United States. In 1986, dogs of this breed became the officially recognized symbol of the state of Wisconsin.


The American Water Spaniel is a medium sized dog. Representatives of this American breed are excellent at raising game, getting it out of the water, these dogs are excellent at hunting both birds and fur-bearing animals, they just radiate enthusiasm. The American Water Spaniel is smart, friendly, and very eager to please. He is an avid hunter, excellent farm worker and friendly companion.


This is a friendly, energetic, obedient, and loyal breed. Show exceptional gentleness towards children and other pets, although they may be aggressive with dogs they do not know. The American Water Spaniel is the ideal pet. If properly presented, He is also friendly to strangers who are appropriately introduced to Him. As a rule, ABC becomes attached to one person in the family, whom it considers to be its master. It is an excellent watchdog, although some might think it barks too much. Many American Water Spaniels can jump into falsetto from excitement, as they say – “yodeling”. These dogs love attention, but they are quite capable of entertaining themselves on their own.

Wool and care

The American Water Spaniel is covered with two layers of wool. which is its distinctive feature and perfectly protects the dog in any weather. The outer coat ranges from tight curl to wavy, while the dense undercoat protects this breed from both any weather and water. The coat is neither coarse nor soft, but somewhat oily. Color – dark chocolate, brown, or liver tint. Molting is weak. American Water Spaniels should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week. Bathing ABC should only be done when absolutely necessary using a mild shampoo. It is very important that the wool does not lose its natural oil. This breed requires professional grooming, otherwise it will look untidy. Since this breed has not yet gained much popularity, it has managed to avoid problems with hereditary diseases. Although ABC may have some skin problems.


The American Water Spaniel matures rather slowly and only after reaching the age of two is it able to accept the training program. However, it must be strongly socialized from a very early age. ABC can be quite difficult to tame, so it is recommended to keep it in a special box for the first time. Dogs of this breed have a delicate disposition and do not respond to harsh or overbearing training methods. If you intimidate them, they will just start biting with fear. Therefore, it is important that training is conducted with sufficient patience, love, respect for the dog, consistency and fairness.


American Water Spaniels require a significant amount of exercise and they love to swim and hunt. Dogs of this breed need daily jogging and long walks. ABC is completely delighted with all kinds of outdoor games, such as flying saucers, fetching and so on. The American Water Spaniel thrives in a city apartment, provided you do enough training with it. Although, of course, this dog is more suitable for a rural house with a fenced yard, where it can run freely for its own pleasure.

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