Australian Shepherd: Dog Breed Description

The exact origin of the Australian Shepherd is not known. In fact, the breed that is so popular and beloved today was bred in the United States. The Australian Shepherd is an exceptionally versatile dog from birth, which has allowed it to be used on ranches and farms in Australia as a herding dog, bloodhound and watchdog. That’s why she got the nickname “Australian” or Ozzy.


A distinctive feature of the Australian Shepherd is a short tail – from birth or docked. And the eyes of dogs of this breed have become truly the talk of the town. They have an incredible number of colors and shades: blue, amber, hazelnut and all shades of brown. The Australian is an energetic and athletic breed.


Australian Shepherds are intelligent, amazing and loyal dogs. They are very energetic and only feel good when they are constantly busy with work. By nature, Ozzy is a very responsible dog and they always do what is entrusted to them. It must be remembered that Ozzy is a herding dog and this instinct can even irritate pets, since a dog of this breed will strive to realize it on everyone or everything that moves close to its reach. Until they determine exactly how to behave with a stranger, they will behave extremely coldly and wary with him. You can rely on them and they are always ready to protect you. For dogs of this breed, friendly relations with humans are extremely important. Ozzy will always find a common language with active, attentive older children. Aggression towards other dogs is not typical for the Australian.

Wool and care

The coat of the Australian Shepherd is varied and truly extraordinary. Medium length, it ranges from straight to wavy, and protects it perfectly from any kind of weather. The undercoat is completely changed twice a year; molting is fairly moderate between these periods. Ozzy has four standard color options: black, marbled blue, red, and marbled red. The muzzle, chest, front and hind legs may have many white and brown markings. The Australian Shepherd needs minimal grooming, it is quite enough to brush the dog from time to time with a stiff brush. More careful care is required only during the seasonal molt. It is necessary to bathe a dog of this breed only when it is really necessary. Unfortunately, the Australian is susceptible to a fairly significant number of diseases. Marble dogs may carry the gene for blindness or deafness. Animals with naturally short tails can have severe spinal defects. There is also a tendency to epilepsy, hip dysplasia and cataracts.


The Australian Shepherd is very easy to train. These dogs socialize early and get used to unquestioning obedience. It is very important that they understand who is the boss in the house, otherwise, they will definitely try to take a dominant position. The Australian Shepherd requires tough, fair, consistent, and effective management. This is a very smart dog that remembers everything the first time, so it doesn’t need to be retrained and will find it simply boring.


The Australian Shepherd needs constant exercise. An ordinary simple walk is clearly not enough for her. It is best if she takes an active part in all family affairs, cares, games and entertainment. If you entrust them with a task, they strive to prove themselves from the best side. The Australian Shepherd is completely unsuitable for keeping in an apartment. Indoors, it clearly lacks movement, this dog needs an active owner and a large, securely fenced yard or safe open space.

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