Australian Silky Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Silky Terrier is an intelligent, curious and very agile dog. This breed was developed in Australia in the 19th century. It is a compact but sturdy dog. The silky terrier is friendly and energetic, but can be overly aggressive in defending its family and its territory.


The silky terrier is an excellent companion. This dog has the character of a true terrier – it is independent and stubborn and becomes uncontrollable if left alone for a long time. Meanwhile, the silky terrier is an excellent watchdog, always vigilant.


The Silky Terrier is a positive and playful dog. She is very active and can be overly mischievous. Like many terriers, the silky terrier loves to dig and dig. This breed is well suited for older people and adolescents. However, this terrier can defend its territory too aggressively, starting fights with other dogs. Also, the silky terrier loves to chase cats, so it is recommended to raise a puppy of this breed together with a kitten.

Wool and care

The silky terrier does not smell and does not shed at all. The coat of this terrier, as the name implies, is silky, shiny and not too long. The texture of the silky terrier’s coat is similar to that of human hair. The color of this breed can be blue-red and blue-yellow. The silky terrier needs daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats. Caring for this breed is difficult and time-consuming, in particular, the silky terrier needs to be washed regularly to maintain the shine of the coat. This breed suffers from patella dislocation, epilepsy and tracheal collapse.


It is difficult to train the silky terrier to go to the toilet outside. This dog needs to be praised frequently, rewarded and trained with patience and love. Training should be rigorous but fair. When training, do not use a rigid collar, because the trachea of ​​the Silky Terrier is very fragile and easily damaged.


The silky terrier is very energetic, he loves to play and run, but it is better if he does it in a well-fenced yard. Also, this dog loves hiking and ball games. The silky terrier is suitable for apartment life, but he must definitely be busy with some activity so that boredom does not attack him.

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