Australian Terrier: Dog Breed Description

Bred in Australia, the breed is considered one of the smallest working terrier breeds. Initially, these dogs were intended for universal use, as a watchdog, and a shepherd, and a rodent hunter, and a companion. In fact, the Australian Terrier is the first Australian-bred dog breed to be officially introduced to the general public and the first to be recognized as such in other countries.


The Australian Terrier is a short-legged, sturdy, and stunted dog. Its small size seems to conflict with the strong and true nature of the terrier. A dog of this breed is proud, hardy, alert and reliable. They are brave, fearless, and at the same time adorable. The Australian Terrier is an excellent choice for anyone with any lifestyle and makes a wonderful companion.


Dogs of this breed often show significantly more courage and courage than much larger dogs. The Australian Terrier is extremely attached to its family, loyal, and very intelligent. These dogs are extremely funny, energetic, and curious. They get along wonderfully with the older children in the house. Australian Terriers easily find common language with other dogs and pets, but they love to chase cats, as well as small animals that can be found on the street, for example, a squirrel or a rabbit. These dogs are in dire need of human interaction and can become very depressed if left alone for long periods of time. The Australian Terrier has been hearing and sight making it an excellent watchdog. Although he is distrustful of strangers, he does not show aggression, unless, of course, provoked him.

Wool and care

The Australian Terrier is covered with two layers of wool. The outer layer is a straight, coarse and coarse coat, below there is a soft, dense and short undercoat. The coat on the body is somewhat longer than on the tail or legs and perfectly protects against bad weather. There is a longer and softer protective collar on the neck, which runs down the apron. The front legs are also slightly decorated, and on the crown, there is a soft, long and very funny crest. The color of the coat ranges from deep blue, silvery blue to red and sandy shades. This breed does not shed almost at all, but requires brushing several times a week. Every three months the Australian Terrier must be groomed. Bathe your dog only when absolutely necessary. In order not to disturb the natural state of the coat, shampoos of mild types should be used. The hair around the eyes and ears should be cleaned as needed. Common conditions in the Australian Terrier are dislocation of the patella, ischemic necrosis of the femoral head, diabetes, epilepsy, skin allergies and thyroid disorders.


The Australian Terrier learns very quickly, but gets bored just as quickly. Early socialization and obedience training are essential. Rough or arbitrary methods are extremely ineffective. You can do much more by building your teaching on a sequence of persistence, fairness, praise, and motivation. Australian Terriers perform well where agility and agility are required, such as a bloodhound or agility.


A dog of this breed is constantly in need of exercise for its mind and body. If the Australian Terrier gets bored, it can cause quite significant damage to the environment. Long walks on a leash or general noisy family games bring true pleasure to this dog. Provided that you provide him with sufficient physical activity, the Australian Terrier can live perfectly in a city apartment or townhouse.

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