Azawakhh: Dog Breed Description

Azawakh is a breed that was bred by the nomadic tribes of Africa in order to protect property, hunt, and just to be a real friend to its owner. They are extremely fast. In running, they are able to achieve and maintain speeds of up to 40 miles per hour for a long time. Azawakhh skillfully hunts hare and gazelle. But outside of Africa, dogs of this breed are still extremely rare.


The Azawakh is a graceful, very slender and athletic dog. They are distinguished by their speed, sensitivity, alertness and flexibility.


Azawakhh simply cannot exist alone and therefore he gets along excellently with other dogs, especially if he grew up in their company. Representatives of this breed should not be brought to newbie dog breeders or taken to a house where there are already other animals, with the exception of dogs. Azawakhh behaves quite well towards children, although they should not be left alone. These dogs perfectly protect the family, home and territory. They are wary and suspicious of strangers, but loyal, affectionate, and affectionate towards their family members and those they know. It is not for nothing that the Azawakhs are called the royal breed, they are noble and incredibly hardy.

Wool and care

The Azawakh’s coat is silky, short, and close to the dog’s body. Shedding – medium intensity, cleaning is required only from time to time. You should bathe your dog only when absolutely necessary and using a shampoo of medium softness, while the rest of the time, cleaning with a dry shampoo is sufficient. It is very important to regularly check the pads and ears to ensure they are free of any debris. This breed is characterized by diseases such as epilepsy, myositis, spondylosis and autoimmune diseases. Azawakhh should not be kept in countries with cold climates.


Early socialization and general training are recommended. Dogs of this breed do not react to excessive severity or to domineering despotic methods. But using motivation, respect for the dog, fairness and firmness, you can get a lot out of them.


The Azawakh is a very active breed that requires a very active owner as well. Therefore, keeping it in an apartment is strongly discouraged. But where they will have a lot of opportunities for running, for example, in a rural area or in a house with a large fenced yard, these dogs will show themselves in all the brilliance of their extraordinary abilities. They are excellent hunters in the field or for fast animals – here they simply have no equal. Azawakh gets real pleasure from all kinds of family and sports games, long walks – tourism, jogging and swimming.

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