Basenji: Dog Breed Description

Basenji dogs were originally bred in Africa and were used exclusively for hunting. Basenji are among those hounds that hunt, focusing solely on their eyesight. They have an incredibly strong hunter instinct, which makes them chase everything that moves; in particular, dogs of this breed are very fond of chasing cars. A distinctive and very interesting feature of these dogs is that they do not know how to bark at all. At the same time, in the process of hunting or during strong excitement, they emit peculiar piercing sounds, reminiscent of yodeling.


Basenji are openly distrustful of strangers, which gives reason to consider dogs of this breed extremely suspicious. They are very intelligent and independent, which makes learning quite challenging for them. Basenji is a very zapoloshny, noisy and playful creature, this is a wonderful pet, however, this dog of this breed really loves to walk on the street and it is there that they are able to show their best side.


The Basenji is a very sensitive and funny, loyal breed, but it is not recommended to start it for an inexperienced owner. Unfortunately, this dog can be quite destructive if not properly raised in time, so every effort must be made to avoid this mistake. The Basenji behaves well with children, showing real patience towards them, however, this breed requires early socialization so that they can overcome their instinct for competition with other dogs.

Wool and care

The Basenji has a very short coat and therefore does not require much maintenance. The hairs are short, pleasant, although perhaps somewhat rough. The coat should not be too coarse, but it should not be silky to the touch. Basenji have a very good habit of brushing themselves, which makes it much easier to care for their coat, which is always relatively clean. This breed has absolutely no specific doggy smell. Molting is minimal. By the habit of grooming themselves and their fur, the Basenji are a lot like a cat. Although their hair loss is minimal, they still need some maintenance if you want their coat to stay in really good condition. It is best to periodically brush the dog’s coat using a stiff brush to remove dead or loose hair, however, Basenji’s coat is so smooth that it is very easy to take care of it.


In order to pacify the destructive instincts of the Basenji, this dog must be socialized very early, especially if the dog is brought up in an apartment and in order to be completely sure that Basenji will behave properly with children and other animals. For this energetic and highly active breed, early obedience training is imperative. But since learning can get bored with Basenji very quickly, the methods you use should be varied enough to keep his attention in constant tension. Variety, consistency and the development of a steady reflex work best with this breed.


Since Basenji’s energy is simply overflowing, they need to provide as many opportunities as possible for its implementation. Daily active walks can be a good way out, especially since Basenji is practically unaware of fatigue. But it is best if the dog has its own extensive and well-fenced yard in order to give the dog the opportunity to exercise its hunting instincts. Keep in mind, however, that Basenji is a true escape genius, so to avoid surprises, the fence should be well dug into the ground and high enough.

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