Basset Hound: Dog Breed Description

The Basset Hound dog’s demeanor is truly impeccable in every way, making it an excellent pet. These dogs have strong affection for their owner, they are sweet, and show great affection. And although Bassett loves to howl and bark, he will not work as a guard dog due to his too strong natural affability. The most he can do is signal that someone has come.


The long ears of this rather lazy breed are very sensitive, so it is better for this dog to communicate with older children who will not hurt her. However, it is not a timid dog, but rather a very stubborn dog. For Bassett, displays of love and affection are more natural behavior, but these dogs never show aggression.


Gentle, lazy, loyal, quiet, and peaceful, the Basset Hound is a great family dog. He loves children very much and gets along well with other animals. Bassett can be taught a variety of tricks, however, since Bassett is very stubborn and lazy, you will need a lot of patience to do this.

Wool and care

The Basset Hound is covered in short, dense, stiff and smooth hair that withstands adverse weather conditions. Each hair should be straight and strong in structure. Unfortunately, Basset hounds have constant shedding and must be brushed frequently with a stiff bristle brush. Also, periodically you need to trim the claws on their paws, since laziness and a sedentary lifestyle of dogs of this breed does not allow them to grind down on their own. Remember to also check and clean any folds in your dog’s skin, particularly behind delicate ears.


The Basset Hound is a very sensitive breed of dog, so training should be done with the utmost tenderness, gentleness and patience. With these stubborn dogs, the best results can be achieved with consistent effort. Bassett can simply turn and walk away, sighing heavily and completely ignoring its owner, so it’s best to try to get him interested while playing.


Basset Hounds are gourmets and love to overeat, so in order to keep them healthy, you need to give them as much physical and sports activity as possible. Since the dog of this breed is very lazy, it is necessary to walk with it as often and as much as possible, and also, if possible, let it run in a safe fenced place.

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