Beagle: Dog Breed Description

Beagle was originally bred for hunting, and in this craft he truly has no equal. Since this dog has an extremely sharp instinct, once having taken a trail, he can follow it, forgetting about everything in the world and completely ignoring those around him, therefore it is so important to teach him obedience from a very young age. The Beagle was bred by crossing the Harier with many other English hounds. Best of all Bigley manifests itself in the hunt for a hare, pheasant or quail.


The beagle is full of energy and just blossoms, basking in the attention of his family. This is a very lively, active, and energetic dog, which, with proper socialization, can become an excellent companion in children’s play. Beagle is always on the alert, he is very temperamental, but never shows signs of shyness or aggression. However, this breed can also show considerable stubbornness, even harmfulness, so training and socializing this small and funny dog ​​can be quite difficult.


The Beagle is a dog that is always in a great mood, which makes him a wonderful family dog ​​for many, many people with different personalities. Dogs of this breed are ready to adapt to any environment and any lifestyle, they are happy to adapt to their owner. The Beagle is eager to please, he is very smart, however, training must be consistent, as this dog can easily lose interest, turning all his attention to something else. If adequate socialization is carried out in time, the Beagle gets along well with all other pets, and turns out to be an excellent companion for children.

Wool and care

The Beagle has a medium-length smooth coat typical of all hounds, which makes grooming of this breed relatively easy. All hairs are tightly attached to the dog’s body, they are hard and are never soft or silky. The Beagle resembles a small English Paratour Hound. This dog needs daily brushing to remove dead or loose hair. It is best not to bathe the dog, but simply wipe it off with a damp towel, while the brush is best replaced with a special rubber glove. Since inflammatory ear diseases are quite typical for Beagle, special attention should be paid to thorough cleaning of the auricles and ear canal. In addition, the nails should be trimmed periodically. Shedding is of medium intensity and can be easily dealt with regular brushing.


The Beagle is so smart and so eager to please that it makes him a truly excellent student. His only drawback is that he can lose interest in learning very quickly, especially when his nose catches some kind of smell that he decides to follow. In this case, the dog’s habit of obeying properly can be very helpful. If appropriate and adequate training has been carried out, the Beagle will have to obey you. If this has not been done, the dog’s constant disregard for your orders can turn into a significant problem. Consistency and firmness combined with love for the dog is the basis on which training should be based. At the same time, the Beagle must constantly feel your respect for him.


The Beagle is quite active and loves long and energetic walks, because this is not a lap dog at all. But since their hunting instinct is very strong, the dog must be constantly kept on a leash or in a fenced yard. The beagle is quite capable of running away if his nose smells something interesting. It is recommended to walk with the dog at least twice a day and for quite a long time, this is a very hardy and truly indefatigable breed. A house with a large, well-fenced yard is most suitable for keeping a Beagle.

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