Beaglier: Dog Breed Description

The Beaglier was bred in England by crossing two breeds: the Beagle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This dog belongs to the so-called designer breeds and gained particular popularity in Australia.


The Beaglier is a small to medium sized dog that retains all the undoubted advantages of a hound and its keen sense of smell. Dogs of this breed continue to be avid hunters. This is a lively and athletic dog with huge and incredibly expressive eyes.


Beaglier is a playful, good-natured, gentle and extremely curious dog. He is affectionate, calm and very outgoing. If you leave him alone for a long time. This dog can get bored. He has excellent companionship with the older children in the family. Dogs of this breed quickly find a common language with other dogs, but it is not recommended to take them into a house where there are other animals, except for dogs. Beaglier makes wonderful watchmen, because they will bark until you hear those visitors have come to you or if they are alarmed by some unusual sounds.

Wool and care

Beaglier’s coat is of medium length, stiff and close to the body, but can be slightly wavy and silky. Dead or falling hairs in this dog are easily removed using a regular stiff brush. Bathe your dog only if it is really necessary. Particular attention should be paid to the ears, they should be checked regularly and kept clean. The most common conditions for this breed are epilepsy, inflammatory ear conditions, heart disease and dislocated patella.


Beaglier can be quite stubborn. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended. It is not recommended to apply rude or arbitrary methods to Beaglier. Training must be conducted with firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


Beaglier may well be kept in a city apartment, provided that you do enough with him and give the necessary load. This is a very energetic dog that needs a safe space where it can run freely for its own pleasure. Beaglier gets real pleasure from walking with the owner on a leash, as well as from all joint family activities. Since Beaglier has a very strong hunting instinct, never let him off the leash in unsafe areas.

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