Beauceron: Dog Breed Description

Beauceron dogs were bred in the 1500s in France. This is a large shepherd dog used by farmers to protect cattle, sheep and the entire family. Later, these dogs began to be used as messengers for the French army, during the I and II world wars, where they were highly valued for their ability to detect mines, look for traces and the right directions. Today, this dog continues to be used with success in the military and police, and besides, it is a wonderful companion dog.


Beauceron is a strong, hardy, and very balanced breed, these dogs are smart and don’t seem tired. They do not walk, but literally slide and it seems that the movements are given to them absolutely without any effort.


Beauceron is well known for his loyalty and dedication. They are affectionate, calm, brave, and intelligent dogs. Since they have a very developed herding instinct, it is not recommended to keep them in houses with small children. But Beauceron gets along well with older children who understand how to handle a dog. Because they are so distrustful of strangers, this dog makes good guards and wonderful guard dogs. They do not kindly greet strangers’ dogs either. But if Beauceron grew up with other animals, then no misunderstandings arise between them. Dogs of this breed do not tolerate prolonged loneliness.

Wool and care

Beauceron is dressed in two layers of wool, which serves as a natural shelter from any bad weather. The undercoat is fluffy and very warm in structure. The main coat is of medium length, straight and coarse. The tail is decorated with a peculiar border. This breed should be brushed twice a week, and even more often during seasonal molting. You should only bathe when necessary. The most common diseases in Beauceron are congenital heart disease and volvulus.


It is very important to socialize Beauceron early and train him in proper obedience. Training must be conducted with fairness, firmness and consistency. The most important thing is that the owners of this breed should strictly suppress the slightest attempts by Beauceron to take a dominant position.


Beauceron needs constant physical activity and mental stimulation. The fact is that if a dog of this breed becomes bored or dreary, then it can cause a lot of destruction. Since Beauceron is extremely loyal to his master and family as a whole, he cannot be kept on the street, he needs constant communication. It is imperative to provide Beauceron with the necessary amount of physical exercise and proper activity on a daily basis. He loves to play all kinds of games and long walks with his master. Provided that you devote enough time to this, Beauceron can be kept in the apartment, although it is still preferable to have a spacious fenced yard for this purpose.

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