Bedlington Terrier: Dog Breed Description

This sheep-like dog was bred in England during the 18th century, when the Bedlington terrier dogs were used by the gypsies to hunt rodents and other small animals. Informally, Bedlington is often referred to as the “gypsy dog”. There is also a saying that the Bedlington Terrier has a lamb’s head and a lion’s heart, as they have a rather distinctive appearance and very determined demeanor.


The Bedlington Terrier is a perfectly balanced breed, calm and affectionate, this dog cannot be frightened or made nervous. She has tremendous energy, courage and stamina. The Bedlington Terrier is full of self-confidence, an active and muscular animal. He has a strong athletic instinct and also makes an excellent companion.


Bedlington Terriers are very attached to their owners. They are funny, lively, playful and loyal dogs. They are deeply devoted to their family and have a great time with caring children. They get along well with cats and other animals in the house, especially if they grew up with them, but they will not tolerate aggressive behavior or attempts to subdue themselves. Bedlington’s funny appearance is very deceiving – he still remains a terrier. And if someone challenges him, he will immediately see a fierce and furious fighter in front of him. Although he is quite friendly towards strangers, Bedlington makes an excellent watchdog as he is always ready to defend his family, warn them of visitors or danger.

Wool and care

The Bedlington Terrier can be immediately remembered for its characteristic appearance. Its coat is an interesting and unusual mixture of soft and hard coats. The body of the dog is covered with curly, easily split and slightly crunchy hair in its structure. A frill of silky hair adorns the ends of the ears. The dense double coat can be blue, fawn or liver in color. These dogs practically do not shed. Bedlington Terriers require careful grooming. Every month and a half, they need professional grooming, they need to brush and clean the dog every day, but they should only bathe if absolutely necessary. Diseases such as inherited liver thesaurismosis, cataracts, kidney and thyroid problems are common in Bedlington Terriers.


The Bedlington Terrier can be independent and quite wayward, so training can be difficult. It is best if from early childhood he will be brought up together with cats and other pets. It is very important to conduct intensive obedience training on time, as dogs of this breed tend to constantly gnaw or break something, and in addition, they are quite noisy and bark a lot. It is not recommended to use rude or arbitrary methods in teaching. The Bedlington Terrier values ​​a good relationship with a person, so training is best based on consistency, firmness and, of course, love for the dog. Bedlington Terriers perform at their best in all kinds of sports, for example, in agility.


The Bedlington Terrier is an extremely active breed that requires a lot of exercise. They are active both indoors and in joint family events. These dogs just love to walk with their owner, only you need to make sure that the leash is reliable enough. They can also be released on their own for a walk in a well-fenced yard, remembering to keep the dog under constant control. Bedlington Terriers tend to dig holes. Dogs of this breed can be kept in a city apartment, provided that you will often walk with him and give him a way of physical activity.

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