Bergamasco Shepherd: Dog Breed Description

Bergamasco shepherd is one of the oldest shepherd breeds. She was bred in Persia and from the very beginning was distinguished by his intelligence and independent way of thinking. This breed almost completely disappeared after the Second World War, but, fortunately, was restored by the Italian scientist and breeder Dr. Maria Andreoli. But to this day, Bergamasco remains a relatively rare breed in both Europe and North America.


The most distinctive and characteristic feature of the Bergamasco shepherd breed is definitely its amazing fur coat. The Bergamasco is a muscular dog with heavy bones, a true working breed that is completely devoted to the work assigned and takes it very, very seriously. Representatives of this breed are medium-sized, strong and very brave animals.


Bergamasco shepherd is not recommended for keeping an inexperienced or novice dog breeder. The Bergamasco is a loyal, calm dog who is always ready to defend his home, family and territory. They quickly find common language with other dogs that do not pose a threat to them, as well as with other pets, especially if they grew up with them. Bergamasco shows great patience in dealing with children. At the same time, dogs of this breed are suspicious, cautious and even hostile towards strangers. In general, they are alert, attentive, intelligent, noble and well-balanced animals. It should be remembered that Bergamasco was not originally taken out to serve only as pets.

Wool and care

Bergamasco shepherd has a truly amazing coat, which in its structure resembles, not a dog, but a goat. As it grows back, the wool falls into thick cords, growing in this form to the ground and completely covering the dog of this breed with a kind of curtain. Such an unusual fur coat serves as an excellent protection not only from any bad weather, but also from many predators. You need to clean Bergamasco only periodically, as needed. The “cords” are separated by hand and each is individually cleaned. You can bathe your dog only in case of urgent need, since it will take an extremely long time for Bergamasco to dry. Since this breed is quite rare, there are no exact data on the most characteristic diseases for it.


Independent, intelligent, and self-minded, the Bergamasco shepherd is not a docile dog at all. This breed was bred so that it could solve problems without human intervention and from all the teams they especially knew only “why” and “why”. Bergamasco will never obey out of obedience, but he may obey in order to show his affection for you. You will not be able to succeed in raising this dog by any rude or arbitrary methods, training should be carried out on the basis of unconditional respect, firmness, fairness and consistency. It is recommended to take a course of general training and basic socialization with Bergamasco.


It is best to keep dogs of the Bergamasco breed in cold climates. These animals are not suitable for living in a city apartment. They feel best in the countryside, where they can roam free, do their usual work and spend time with their family members.

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