Berger Picard: Dog Breed Description

It is believed that the Berger Picard is one of the oldest herding dog breeds developed in France. The first mentions of it are found in the documents of the 9th century. The homeland of this interesting dog is Northern France. Initially, this breed was used to graze cattle and sheep, but, unfortunately, almost died out during the First and Second World Wars. The restoration of the livestock is extremely slow, and to this day there are only a few hundreds of these dogs all over the world.


The Berger Picard is a muscular, sturdy, medium-sized animal. At first glance, this breed looks a little “rough”, but in reality, they are very elegant, full of dignity and quite attractive.


The Berger Picard is not quite suitable for novice dog breeders. This is a loyal and sensitive dog, she is loyal, balanced and almost always in a good mood. If the Picardy Shepherd grew up in a house with children or other pets, she will never have much misunderstanding with them. Alert hardworking and energetic, the Berger Picard cannot stand long loneliness or lack of communication. Dogs of this breed are reliable guards for the whole family, livestock and their territory.

Wool and care

The Berger Picard has a dry, coarse coat, of medium length, which protects it well from bad weather. The undercoat is thin, but very dense, with a rather moderate molt. The Picardy Shepherd Dog requires minimal grooming of its coat. It’s good enough to brush your dog once a month. You should not bathe the Berger Picard, as this deprives the dog’s coat of its protective qualities. If necessary, you can clean with dry shampoo. Common diseases in this breed are eye infections and hip dysplasia


Smart and literally grasping everything on the fly, the Berger Picard needs early socialization and general training. Please note that these dogs can be quite stubborn and even moody. To keep your dog from getting bored with training, do short, varied training in style and program. It is not recommended to use harsh or arbitrary training methods with the Picardy Shepherd. It is best to base training on patience, toughness, fairness, and consistency.


The Berger Picard requires a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation. These dogs are not suitable for living in a city apartment, it is best to keep them in rural conditions, so that the animal has a spacious fenced aviary, constant communication with family members and, of course, the usual work for the Picardy Shepherd.

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