Bernese Mountain Dog: Dog Breed Description

It is difficult to say exactly where the Bernese Mountain Dog originate from, but it is generally believed that they first appeared on farms in the Swiss Alps. They are large, hardy, strong built and calm dogs, they are just perfect by nature to pull a cart, graze cattle, and of course be good companions for the farmers themselves. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very versatile dog breed.


Dogs of the Bernese Mountain Dog breed are usually called shortly and simply – Bernie. It is possible to list all the advantages of this animal for quite a long time, since the list will turn out to be very impressive. This dog is strong, agile and, at the same time, infinitely intelligent. The Bernese Mountain Dog’s polite demeanor and undeniably impressive appearance have undoubtedly contributed to the growing popularity of this breed. To be honest, very few dogs can match Bernie’s combination of stunning looks, ability to work and the talents of an excellent companion dog.


This breed is loyal and alert by nature. However, these dogs are usually patient, good-natured, and calm. The Bernese Mountain Dog is generally excellent with children, but since it is still a fairly large breed of dog, they should not be left unattended with children, especially if the dog is not familiar enough with them. Bernese Mountain Dogs need constant communication with humans and in the absence of social interaction, these dogs can develop serious behavior problems. Bernie is certainly a good defender, but he does not show aggression, in the absence of an obvious threat or if he is not deliberately provoked to do so. Deals with strangers rather aloof, and moreover, may show shyness. Dogs of this breed become loyal family members and great helpers outside the home.

Wool and care

The Bernese Mountain Dog has an excellent weather-resistant double tricolor coat. The color is black with symmetrical white and rusty markings, the coat is medium in length and straight or slightly wavy. The coat is very dense, with an active natural sheen. Molting is seasonal and quite significant. The Bernese Mountain Dog should be combed daily, during the active seasonal moulting of the dog, special attention should be paid to daily combing. It is recommended that you bathe your dog periodically or brush with dry shampoo. And although the Bernese Mountain Dog is a very hardy and strong dog, it also has diseases characteristic of this breed, such as dysplasia of the elbow or hip joint, cancer, bloating or eyelid diseases. Due to their extremely thick and heavy coat and their size, these dogs can be susceptible to heatstroke.


Dogs of this breed should undergo early socialization and general training. Bernese Mountain Dogs are extremely sensitive and therefore should not be treated with harsh or arbitrary teaching methods. On the contrary, all training should be based solely on positive influences such as respect, reward, love for the dog, fairness and consistency.


The Bernese Mountain Dog needs a significant amount of exercise, constant human interaction and vigorous activity. Every day, you should carry out at least a half-hour workout and several active walks with them. These dogs are not suitable for keeping in an apartment; they need a spacious, securely fenced enclosure where they can run and play for their own pleasure. The Bernese Mountain Dog is great in any job, sporting events, for example, in agility and, of course, in cattle grazing.

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