Black Russian Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Black Russian Terrier is a large, square or slightly elongated dog, very efficient, easily adapting to different lifestyles, different climatic conditions and owners, intelligent and well trained. The Black Terrier is active but noble and will gladly join you when fishing, swimming, cycling or hiking. The more activities the owner comes up with (for example, various games, training, agility training), the happier the true representative of this breed will be.


Black Russian Terriers are smart, loyal, strong, hardy, courageous, self-confident and reliable. Balanced temperament and good training ability allow these dogs to be successfully used in many working specialties and canine sports. The Black Russian Terrier is a wonderful companion and loyal family member.


An active, hardy large breed with a stable character, but very lively, with strong defensive reactions: unwanted visitors will always be stopped on their way. This dog is strict, brave, attentive, and loyal to its owner. The Black Russian Terrier behaves well with any other animals and children, provided that he has been properly socialized.

Wool and care

Black terriers practically do not shed, the hairs are coarse, hard, thick and extremely dense. They range in length from 1.6 to 3.9 inches. They cover the whole body of the dog, and underneath there is a dense and well-developed undercoat. The outgrowths of the coat form a coarse, bushy whisker on the upper jaw and a sort of beard on the lower jaw. On the neck and withers, the coat is longer and forms a kind of mane; the forelegs to the elbows and the hind legs to the folds are covered with coarse and long hair. These dogs require weekly grooming with a brush and a good comb. A dog’s ears, claws and teeth require considerable attention. About 3-4 times a year, the Black Russian Terrier needs the services of a professional dog hairdresser.


The training is very simple and quick, since the Black Russian Terrier literally grasps everything on the fly and is practically unmatched in terms of the speed of completing any training course.


A dog of this breed can be kept in absolutely any conditions: in the city, in the suburbs, in the countryside – anywhere, provided, of course, that the owner will provide her with a reasonable amount of physical and physical activity. Black Russian Terriers are happy to take on any activity, be it playing with the owner, training or duties of protection. Exercising a young dog too much as it grows can damage bones, joints and muscles.

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