Bolognese: Dog Breed Description

Genetically related to the Havanese and Bichon Frise, the Bolognese breed was developed in Italy around the 11th century. During the Renaissance, dogs of this breed became real favorites and were often supplied as gifts to the Belgian royal court. However, with the passage of this period, the Bolognese breed also fell into decay and practically disappeared. Fortunately, the breed was preserved and restored by Jean Franco Giannelli, but to this day it remains quite rare in other countries.


The Bolognese is a small, strong and compact dog. At the same time, she is obedient, loyal and extremely fluffy. This breed is very intelligent, helpful and simply adorable in every way.


Dogs of this breed get along well with children, especially older ones, since they are more careful in handling. They easily find a common language with other animals. Bolognese becomes a real member of the family, he cannot be left alone for a long time, he has a separation syndrome, which causes a lot of suffering for the dog. In this case, the Bolognese begins to bark incessantly and spoil the surrounding objects. This is a very timid and shy dog, suspicious of strangers, so timely socialization is necessary. Bolognese has keen eyesight and good hearing, it makes a good watchdog.

Wool and care

The Bolognese has a long, dense and fluffy white coat that evenly covers the entire body of the dog from head to tail. Molting in dogs of this breed is completely absent, but the coat must be thoroughly combed daily to prevent tangles from appearing. Professional grooming is recommended once a month. Since this breed is still extremely rare and practically not spoiled by humans, it does not have any characteristic diseases.


These dogs require early socialization and obedience training – general training. Bolognese learns extremely quickly; some difficulties can arise only when teaching the dog to order in the house. It may be better to keep it in a special box for a while. Training must be conducted with firmness, fair remuneration and consistency.


Bolognese feels great in a city apartment if he is given sufficient attention and not if he is not left alone for a long time. This breed is in dire need of companionship with humans and daily walks on a leash or free-style play in a small courtyard.

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