Border Collie: Dog Breed Description

This type of collie got such a strange name due to the fact that this breed appeared in the 19th century, somewhere on the border of Scotland and England. The Border Collie was especially prized for its outstanding ability to graze livestock of all kinds. Today the Border Collie is a popular agricultural worker, a wonderful family companion and a talented show dog.


The Border Collie is medium in size, exceptionally athletic and has great endurance. Grazing livestock can no doubt be called his obsession, so strong are his pastoral instincts. It is a high-energy, self-confident and very determined dog, light-footed, fluid in movement and extremely versatile.


Intelligent, responsive, and very dedicated to their job and their owner, this breed of dog. The Border Collie is extremely sensitive and needs constant communication with a person. This is not a suitable dog for a novice dog breeder, a person who is indifferent or leads a sedentary lifestyle. It is not suitable for a family, both members of which are extremely concerned about the development of their careers. These dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time, they may suffer from separation anxiety syndrome or ruin things by destroying their surroundings. Border Collie dogs are great with older children, provided they know how to handle the dog. They also treat well those dogs with which they grew up, but you should not take them into a house where there are cats or other small pets. The Border Collie is not aggressive, just his instinct makes him start grazing whatever moves within his reach.

Wool and care

The Border Collie can be either smooth-haired or long-haired. In both cases, the coat is very thick, double, thick, tight to the body and perfectly protects the dog from any bad weather. The outer layer of the coat is rough in structure, it can be straight or slightly wavy, the undercoat is dense, short, soft and very warm. The long-haired collie has medium hair length, on the chest, front and thighs, underneath the body there are additional “decorations” of longer hair, on the muzzle, front of the legs and ears, the hair is smooth and shorter. The smooth-haired subspecies has short fur throughout the body, there can only be a slight “decoration” on the chest, around the neck, front legs, thighs and tail. The color of a dog of this breed can be almost anything, including a combination of all kinds of colors and color markings. There are completely monochromatic Border Collie dogs, marbled color, sable-like, bi- or tricolor. Molting is of medium intensity, the dog requires weekly brushing. Particular attention should be paid to combing out during seasonal shedding. Bathe or dry shampoo your dog only if necessary. Common diseases for this breed are progressive retinal dystrophy, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, deafness, collie ocular anomaly and insect bite allergy.


Early socialization and general training are recommended for this dog. The Border Collie is easy to train and will try her best if praised, so lessons should be based on consistency, fairness, respect for the dog and perseverance. Since this breed has an extremely sensitive nature, it is unacceptable to apply harsh or arbitrary training methods to them. They exhibit special talents in grazing, policing, competition, search and rescue, flying saucer exercises and flyball. Border Collie dogs are also used successfully for canistherapy as well as guide dogs for the blind.


The Border Collie is a very energetic dog and lacks regular exercise. She strives with all her heart for work, play, mental stimulation and close communication with her owner and his family members. Dogs of this breed are not suitable for living in an ordinary city apartment, they must be kept on a working farm or in a secluded rural house, where they can easily go out the gate and roam freely around the area for their own pleasure.

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