Borzoi: Dog Breed Description

Initially, the Borzoi was called the Russian wolfhound. This is an exceptionally fast, agile and agile dog, which is guided in hunting only by its keen eyesight. The nobles and aristocracy appreciated these dogs to such an extent that it was almost impossible to buy them. Borzoi could only be received as a gift, including from the king himself.


The Borzoi is a tall, slender dog of a very aristocratic appearance, which is considered the embodiment of elegance and grace. Russian greyhounds simply exude noble calm, restraint and confidence. They are obedient and loyal companions. Dogs of this breed show exceptional talents in hunting, stalking and hare-baiting.


The Borzoi is a proud, dignified, and considerate dog. They are extremely loyal to their family and are friendly with the people they know. They are rather cold with strangers, but not aggressive. They are quiet dogs, hassle-free behavior. Barking is extremely rare and for this reason cannot be used as watchmen. It is not recommended to keep them in homes with small children, cats or other small pets. But they quickly find a common language with other medium or large-sized dogs, especially if they grew up with them. They can also be very good playmates for older children. They grow up rather slowly. Since these dogs can become depressed or have separation anxiety syndrome if left alone for long periods of time, it is not recommended to get a Borzoi for those people who are too preoccupied with their own career achievements. They are extremely sensitive, intelligent and free-minded dogs.

Wool and care

Borzoi’s coat is truly unique and intricately colored. Silky coat of moderate length with a thick plush undercoat that fits snugly to the body. On the neck, tail and back of the hind legs, the hair is much thicker and longer than on the rest of the body. The coat of the Borzoi is resistant to dirt and mats, it can be flat, slightly wavy, or curly. The color of the Borzoi is the most varied: white, golden, brown or gray with black markings, mixed or solid. The molt is very intense. Russian greyhound maintenance is relatively straightforward – regular brushing with a stiff brush with stable bristles. Dry shampoo can be used if needed. It is important to trim the long hair on the paw pads in time to prevent dislocation. This is a fairly healthy breed, but there are also characteristic diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy and abdominal distention. Borzois do not tolerate anesthesia well during various surgical interventions.


The Borzoi belongs to giant breeds and therefore does not fit into every interior. Like all sight hounds, she requires constant attention and restrained attitude. The socialization of the dog and the passage of a course of general training are necessary. These are very sensitive dogs, rude or arbitrary training methods in relation to the Borzoi are completely inapplicable. Since these are by nature very neat dogs, keeping an eye on their cleanliness, they relatively easily learn to keep the necessary order in the house. The Russian greyhound requires calmness, patience, and consistent training based on mutual respect.


Borzoi dogs require a particularly significant amount of training. If you are a jogger, then this dog will be an excellent companion for you, of course using a reliable leash. Indoors, the Borzoi behaves quite calmly, but if you close it and do not let it out for a long time, it can become restless and start to spoil the surrounding objects. A Borzoi needs a lot of space to run and train, so it’s best to keep your dog in a house with a large, well-fenced yard. However, if you give this dog sufficient physical and sports activity, then it is quite possible to keep it in a city apartment.

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