Boston Terrier: Dog Breed Description

As is already clear from the very name of this breed, it was bred in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Weighing up to 44 pounds, the Boston Terrier was created by crossing breeds such as the Bulldog and Terrier intended for catching burrowing animals and rodents. This breed differs in that it is the first indoor dog to be bred in America.


The Boston Terrier is compact, strong, and although small, it is not at all delicate or fragile in its constitution. This dog is good-natured and very polite by nature and is therefore often referred to as the American Gentleman. This is a lively, brave and playful dog. The Boston Terrier is a delightful combination of determination, strength, balance and grace.


Very intelligent, alert, and somewhat enthusiastic, the Boston Terrier is very affectionate and loyal to its owner. This is a super-agile dog, by the way, has a great sense of humor. He just needs constant interaction with a person, and therefore he actually becomes a full-fledged member of the family. This dog has great contact with children over 8 years old, with the elderly, with animals living in the house, although males can fight with other dogs for leadership. He is very sensitive by nature; he perfectly senses the tone of your voice or the atmosphere that reigns in and around the house.

Wool and care

The coat of the Boston Terrier is very pleasant to the touch, short, glossy, and smooth. The color is black with white markings, fur seal and brown-striped. In some cases, it is brown with white markings. Shedding is of medium intensity; active free hair loss can be avoided by regular brushing with a stiff brush. You can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary, using a shampoo of moderate severity. The Boston Terrier loves to drool, so it is recommended to wipe his face frequently. In addition, the dog’s eyes and ears should be constantly checked and debris cleaned. The most typical diseases for dogs of this breed are shortness of breath, cancer of the heart and skin, eye damage. Boston Terrier does not tolerate vagaries and weather changes.


The Boston Terrier is a very diligent and fast-learning dog. Although this breed hardly gets used to maintaining the necessary cleanliness in the house, it is therefore recommended to keep the puppy in a special box for the first time. Since this dog is very delicate and impressionable by nature, it should never be subjected to rude or arbitrary training methods. Dogs of this breed respond well to praise, fairness, persistence, patience and consistency in training.


It is quite enough for the Boston Terrier just to constantly be near its owners, so it behaves quite calmly indoors. But in order to keep the animal in good physical shape, it is necessary to carry out walks and exercises with it every day. The Boston Terrier is very fond of walking with the owner on a leash, as well as taking part in all family activities and joint games. These dogs thrive in a city apartment or condominium, provided that you devote enough time to the necessary activities.

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