Boxer: Dog Breed Description

This breed, which was developed in Germany at the end of the 19th century, presumably derives its name from the very characteristic movement they often make with their forepaws. The boxer is stocky to medium sized dog with strong jaws and a strong bite. They are widely used in search and rescue, police work and military service.


Boxers are lively, strong, and extremely loyal animals. They have a very high reserve of energy, they are proud, but not arrogant. Dogs of this breed are real stoics and intelligent, loving, adorable companions.


The Boxer is patient, noble, and confident. And although this is an extremely curious dog, it is suspicious of strangers. When threatened, this dog will show fearlessness and courage. This is a very alert dog with excellent keen hearing, which makes the Boxer an excellent watchdog. The Boxer adores children and other pets he grew up with. He just has a huge need for constant communication with a person and he really does not like being alone for long periods of time. Therefore, you should not get a Boxer if you give all your strength to your career, and you are constantly not at home. Lack of attention can cause this dog to behave “badly”, only to be finally noticed.

Wool and care

The Boxer has a short, shiny, smooth coat that fits snugly to the body. Color – fawn, red, and brown with stripes, with “highlight” white under the belly, chest, and on all four legs. Sometimes white markings can be found on the muzzle. Molting of medium intensity, lasting all year round. The short, tight-fitting Boxer coat requires minimal maintenance. It is recommended that you periodically brush your dog with a firm, firm bristle brush. In order not to disturb the natural fat balance of the coat, the Boxer can be bathed only if necessary. In fact, this is not necessary, since the Boxer is a great cleanliness, and looks after himself on his own. This breed is characterized by diseases such as cardiomyopathy, subaortic stenosis and hip dysplasia. There is also a tendency to form tumors, epilepsy, allergies and skin diseases. Due to the fact that Boxer has a very sensitive digestive system, and he loves to overeat, it is necessary to follow the correct diet. The Boxer must be kept indoors because his short coat does not protect the dog from cold or bad weather at all.


The boxer is very smart and learns quickly. It is imperative to complete a general training course and teach him obedience. It is necessary for the owner to dominate and control the dog, but do not act harshly or harshly. Education should be based on fairness, firmness and consistency. Boxers are very fond of all kinds of tricks, we can say that this dog is a real artist by nature.


The boxer enjoys all kinds of outdoor games and exercises. They are happy to take part in all family activities and constantly turn underfoot, so it is very good if you have a house with a fenced, medium-sized yard. In the room, the boxer has practically nothing to do and therefore he can quickly get bored, and, in this case, he can start to spoil the surrounding objects. Therefore, if you keep the Boxer in the apartment, make sure that you have something to keep him busy and regularly go outside with him.

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