Boykin Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The Boykin Spaniel is a relatively new breed of dog that is highly regarded for its extraordinary ability to hunt aquatic game. This breed was bred in the southern United States, and the Boykin Spaniel was even chosen as the official symbol of South Carolina.


The Boykin Spaniel is a sturdy, medium-sized and well-built dog. He possesses agility, speed and stamina. This dog can operate in absolutely any weather and in any landscape, and in addition, he is an excellent swimmer. The Boykin Spaniel qualification was carried out both for hunting in the field and for catching shot game from a swamp or lake.


The Boykin Spaniel is full of friendly feelings towards humans, it is a loyal, loyal and obedient dog. This Spaniel is an enthusiastic hunter, a pleasant companion and is very fond of doing his job. He constantly strives for human contact and gets along great with children and other pets with whom he lives together.

Wool and care

The Boykin Spaniel’s coat ranges in length from short to medium, straight to wavy, but either way it has a very nice texture. On the ears, legs, legs, chest and underside of the torso, there are feather-like, longer “decorations”. This dog needs regular combing of the coat so that no tangles form in it. Bathing can be arranged for your pet as needed. Remember to constantly check your dog’s ears to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the occurrence of infectious processes. Typical diseases for this breed are eye problems, dysplasia of the femoral head, skin and cardiac diseases.


The Boykin Spaniel is a very obedient dog that shows great ability in disciplines such as agility and in any canine competition. But you should not apply too strict or rough methods of education to him, especially since the character of dogs of this breed is much softer than that of other species of spaniels. Motivational training is enough for them. Build lessons with fairness and, most importantly, consistency.


It is not recommended to keep the Boykin Spaniel in an apartment, since it needs daily training – physical and mental. Otherwise, the dog may get bored, which will not reflect in the best way on his character, making him moody and destructive. The Boykin Spaniel is extremely agile and energetic and can only show its best talents in the countryside. He needs hunting, swimming and, of course, communication with his owners.

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