Bracco Italiano: Dog Breed Description

This ancient breed, as its name implies, was bred in Italy, and gained immense popularity among the local aristocracy, who used these dogs in bird hunting. Unfortunately, the Bracco Italiano practically disappeared during the 20th century. The Italian breeder Ferdinando Delor de Ferrabonc has taken up the rescue, and in fact, the restoration of this breed, but to this day, the Bracco Italiano is extremely rare outside his homeland and Europe as a whole.


The Bracco Italiano is a muscular, strong breed that can be immediately identified by the characteristic shape of its head. Generally, this dog has a somewhat boxy build and looks very determined and serious.


The Bracco Italiano is a calm, helpful and loyal dog. He has a particularly close relationship with his family members. This dog gets along well with older children, dogs and other pets. He is active, energetic and very attached to his masters. You should not leave him alone for a long time or ignore in some way. The Bracco Italiano is very smart, agile, and energetic. Although originally intended for hunting, these dogs make excellent companions. And yet, for those who do not yet have sufficient experience with dogs, it is not recommended to start this breed.

Wool and care

The Bracco Italiano has a glossy, dense and short coat. Shedding – medium intensity. To remove dead and fallen hair, the dog should be regularly brushed with a brush with stiff and stable bristles. You can only bathe if absolutely necessary. The dog’s long, drooping ears also require regular checking and cleaning. Common conditions for this breed are bloating, hip dysplasia, eye problems and ear infections.


An Bracco Italiano needs a calm and level-headed owner. He learns very quickly, although sometimes he can be quite stubborn. It is imperative to socialize the dog and undergo a general training course. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods. Teaching should be done with patience, consistency, firmness, and fairness.


Dogs of this breed are not suitable for living in an apartment. They need a lot of training to stimulate their mind and physical activity. Hunting, swimming and constant communication with their owner are very important for the Bracco Italiano. Best of all, he feels in the countryside, where he can freely roam for his own pleasure in nature. The greatest pleasure for this dog brings hunting, hiking, agility, accompanying the owner on a bicycle or jogging, search and rescue. Their talents are also used in such a difficult matter as canistherapy.

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