Briard: Dog Breed Description

Dogs of this breed were originally used for guarding and grazing flocks of sheep. The Briard has been known to mankind for many, many centuries, in particular, such historical figures as Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson, Lafayette and Charlemagne belonged to their lovers. The especially delicate hearing of these dogs was successfully used in the French army to search for wounded soldiers. Today the Briard is an acknowledged companion dog, but at the same time continues to serve as a guard and herder.


The Briard is an active and agile medium-sized dog. He has a unique appearance and is somewhat human in character. This is an extremely powerful dog with a somewhat bossy look.


An intelligent, loving owner and loyal dog, a wonderful protector – all this makes Briard a wonderful pet. As soon as Briard begins to realize himself as a member of your family, he immediately gives her his heart and will be recklessly devoted to you until the very last day of his life. In France, there is even a saying that Briard is “a heart dressed in fur.” For a dog of this breed, contact with a person is extremely important and in order for Briard to be truly happy, he must constantly feel this connection with you. He has great distrust of strangers and is extremely reluctant to accept any changes in his life until he realizes that these changes are positive. Briard is very responsive and obedient, but always a little on his mind. Good-natured towards children with whom he grew up in the same house, provided that they do not tease and provoke him. May show aggression towards other dogs if not properly introduced to them beforehand. It is important to remember that Briard is a natural shepherd, which means that he will, one way or another, try to fulfill this task in relation to everything that moves in his zone of reach.

Wool and care

Briard’s fur coat is quite long and consists of two layers of wool. The outer layer is often said to be similar in structure to goat hair. It is slightly wavy, dry and rough. A long bang falls on the eyes, which is usually customary to pin up with something so that it does not interfere with the dog. The beard is clearly visible, as well as the mustache and eyebrows. The undercoat is surprisingly soft and pleasant to the touch, providing excellent protection against any, even the harshest, weather conditions in which these dogs have to work. The color can be gray, black, or any variation of beige and brown. Shedding in this breed occurs only under the influence of dirt or water, and if the coat is regularly looked after, then there is practically no hair loss. Therefore, the dog must be cleaned and combed daily in order to avoid stalling. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary. Frequent bathing will harm your dog’s coat and make grooming much more difficult. You should also keep your ears clean. The Briard is a practically healthy dog, however, there have been cases of progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia and cataracts


For dogs of this breed, intensive and extensive socialization is extremely necessary, moreover, from a very early age. Briard has an excellent memory and is very easy to train. These dogs need a dominant owner to bring Briard under control. If this breed is not properly trained, it can become unfriendly, cowardly, or both. Unfair or too strict, cruel teaching methods can lead to the fact that Briard simply withdraws into himself or becomes aggressive. Teaching should be done with consistency, firmness, patience and love. These dogs are especially distinguished in the search and rescue of people, police service and as security guards


The Briard is an energetic dog and a natural, natural athlete. He needs daily training, without which he becomes rather restless. This breed is very fond of swimming and makes ideal companions for jogging or hiking. If they are provided with the necessary physical activity, then they feel great when kept in an apartment. Indoors, they behave quite calmly, but it is best if they have a yard at their disposal, at least of a medium size. Briard needs to pour out his overflowing activity somewhere, he cannot afford to be ignored.

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