Brittany: Dog Breed Description

The Brittany is an intelligent dog that shows special talents in everything related to sport hunting. Calm, obedient and eager to earn praise from its master, the Brittany is at the same time alert, lively, and independent-minded dog. Good for children and other pets, provided that at an early age he went through the socialization necessary for the dog.


The Brittany loves water and swims well. At home, this is a friendly and loyal pet, outside the city, in the field, it is a born hunter for waterfowl. In addition to hunting instincts, this dog also has the talent of a guard, which makes the Brittany especially popular.


Cheerful and grasping everything on the fly, the Brittany is also very beautiful in appearance. Easy to handle and genuinely loving to its owners, this breed can be a truly ideal companion animal, provided you take proper care of it and devote enough time to training it to keep it in good shape and enjoy life. Dogs of this breed need an affectionate, but, at the same time, a fairly firm hand, because the energy just beats out of them.

Wool and care

The coat of the Brittany is luxurious, silky, slightly curly. The standard color is a combination of bright red and white, chestnut and white, black and white, tricolor with chestnut and tricolor with black. The molting of this breed is rather weak, but the dog needs to be combed out regularly so that the silky coat does not get tangled and does not fall off in tangles. Bathing is recommended approximately once a month. If you want to go to the show ring with the Brittany, then he will probably need to do some light trimming.


Since this is a very energetic and active breed, the Brittany can also get bored very easily, because he needs a change of impressions all the time. Consistent training and an affectionate but steady hand will help you and your pet understand each other and become truly happy. Dogs of this breed are able to think independently, and therefore are especially different in everything related to hunting, as well as all kinds of dog competitions.


A restless guy like the Brittany is best kept in a house with a medium-sized yard. He has enough energy to “put you on your ears”, he really needs a lot of movement and training. Although, if he has enough space and an active owner corresponding to his temperament, then the Brittany will show itself from the best side.

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