Brussels Griffon: Dog Breed Description

Athletic, with an almost human expression on his face, this fun-loving guy is the perfect companion for all occasions. The Brussels Griffon gets along well with other domestic animals, including cats and small animals, and takes part in all the games of older children with pleasure. This is a sensitive and curious dog that will require some care from its owner, but in return will give him all his love and boundless affection.


The Brussels Griffon is very fond of barking, and therefore is an excellent signal dog. This smart, but rather capricious dog should take obedience training directly from puppyhood so that you can be completely confident that you will grow up a well-bred and polite dog.


Cheerful, friendly, and sometimes moody, this dog can be picky enough. Like all representatives of small breeds, the Brussels Griffon does not always easily learn to maintain cleanliness in the house, but with consistent and persistent upbringing, he soon realizes what exactly is required of him. Since this is a rather intractable and at the same time nervous breed, an affectionate, but patient and persistent owner would be most suitable for Griffon.

Wool and care

Brussels griffons are usually distinguished by two types of their coat. The first type is coarse wool, which is stiff, dense and wire-like in structure. The second is just the opposite type, smooth-haired, covered with glossy, straight and short hair. And although the Brussels Griffon practically does not shed, this does not mean at all that you will have little worries with the care of his coat. In order for it to remain beautiful and shiny, not tangle and not form tangles in it, it must be thoroughly cleaned daily. In addition, in order for the cute beard around the dog’s mouth to look neat and not clumped into a dense mass, it also requires regular attention.


You need to adapt to the characteristics of this dog, as it very quickly loses interest in the monotonous training process. And although taking a course of general obedience with her will not hurt, you can completely do without it. Try to turn the training into a game, and then you can keep Griffon’s attention for a long time.


Although this is a very lively and hyperactive breed, you do not need to spend a lot of time and energy to entertain your pet. The Brussels Griffon can do great on its own and entertain itself on its own. Short daily walks are enough for this dog and does not need a yard or an enclosure.

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