Bull Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Bull Terrier is descended from two dogs: the Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with a small admixture of the blood of the Spanish Pointer. This breed was bred in the 1830s, to participate in sports battles, and specifically – the brutal bull-baiting. The original breed was further developed and in the 1850s acquired the appearance of a dog, which is known to us to the present day. She even received a second name – White Cavalier for her characteristic color. Since then, Bull Terriers have been used for a wide variety of purposes: as guard dogs, hunters for rodents, herders and guards. And I must say that they are everywhere in their place.


The Bull Terrier is a very agile dog, but at times laziness will attack him, and he becomes very calm, even imposing. Muscular and well built, this intimidating breed is actually very gentle and can be extremely gentle. However, without proper socialization and adequate training, the Bull Terrier can gain dominance, and therefore requires an experienced owner. The Bull Terrier is a very polite breed that is naturally obedient, but it needs long training and a lot of warm relationships with humans.


Explosive, energetic and very loving, the Bull Terrier is always ready to protect its owner and his territory, he just exudes fearlessness with his whole appearance. This is an excellent guard and guard dog. The Bull Terrier is very hardy by nature and is ready to endure all kinds of children’s pranks for a long time, but constant control is necessary; if, as they say, “get it”, the Bull Terrier can behave quite unceremoniously. Provided proper socialization and proper upbringing, dogs of this breed coexist quite peacefully with other members of the canine family.

Wool and care

The Bull Terrier’s coat should be short, smooth and harsh, even somewhat rough to the touch. The hairs are always shiny and close to the body, the skin is taut, without the slightest signs of wrinkles or sagging. And because this dog’s coat is so short, caring for it is also very easy. The only problem is the protection from the cold. As for the wool, it is quite enough to regularly brush it with a rubber brush. Loose or dead hair can be removed by hand, but it is much more convenient to do it with a brush or comb. Shedding of medium intensity, as a rule, occurs twice a year. During this period, it is recommended to regularly clean the Bull Terrier from lost hair using a specially designed rubber glove. Also, to avoid problems, you should periodically check and clean your dog’s ears.


Although somewhat capricious and very independent, the Bull Terrier is not always easy to train. Obedience training should be started at a very early age to avoid many significant problems in the future. Since this breed is characterized by a tendency towards leadership, in order to suppress their aggression, they must be treated firmly and from a dominant position. And while Bull Terriers can be stubborn and difficult to train, they are very eager to earn praise, which can make your task a lot easier.


The Bull Terrier is a very lively and active dog. His truly fiery temperament requires a significant amount of additional training, this will keep your pet healthy and active. And since the amount of his energy seems truly infinite, it is best to keep him in a house with at least a medium-sized yard. At least twice a day, you need to take long walks with him. This should not be neglected, as if the Bull Terrier is bored, it can be truly destructive.

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