Bullmastiff: Dog Breed Description

The Bullmastiff is an excellent companion and a good guard dog. Looking at times intimidating, this breed can actually be very affectionate. The Bullmastiff highly values ​​human attention, he is calm, pleasant to handle and calm.


Surprisingly, this fierce-looking giant is very wary of strangers, so he needs to be properly socialized while he is still a puppy. Since this dog is mainly used as a watchman and guard, the Bullmastiff also needs to be given the opportunity to get to know other animals and dogs in order to avoid any potential conflicts in the future. The Bullmastiff is a strong, but sometimes obedient breed.


This headstrong dog requires firm leadership in order to avoid dominance problems. And although the Bullmastiff is quite good-natured, sweet in circulation, and attractive, it is recommended to have a dog of this breed only for people with sufficient experience and a strong character. Due to its considerable size, it is not recommended to take the Bullmastiff into a house where there are small children, because he can accidentally knock down a baby, and he will do it unintentionally.

Wool and care

Although the Bullmastiff’s coat is rather short, it protects him well from almost any bad weather. The dog is dressed in a dense and somewhat rough to the touch wool coat of a fawn color with a characteristic black mask on the muzzle. To remove loose or dead hairs, periodic brushing with a stiff rubber brush is recommended. Since the Bullmastiff sheds very little, he does not require any particularly difficult grooming or grooming. You should only worry about wiping your dog’s face regularly, because the Bullmastiff loves to drool.


The Bullmastiff is quite capable of picking up the smallest shades of your voice, but if you really want to achieve any visible results in training, you need to show sufficient firmness when practicing. The Bullmastiff goes through the course of obedience well and serves as an excellent guard and guard dog.


Dogs of this breed are usually very lazy, and therefore, in order to avoid problems with excess weight, they need regular active training. The Bullmastiff needs to be taken out for long walks, he can accompany you when jogging, and even better if he has a medium-sized yard at his disposal.

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