Cairnpoo: Dog Breed Description

The Cairnpoo is a hybrid of a miniature Poodle and a Cairn Terrier. This is one of the so-called designer breeds. This breed is not very popular with dog breeders.


The ideal Cairnpoo is muscular, strong and compact. He has a wide, large head and large dark eyes. This is a restless and noisy dog.


Cairnpoo is friendly, affectionate and loyal. He is as daring as a terrier and as sensitive as a poodle. Cairnpoo requires increased attention to itself. Bored alone, he will become uncontrollable. Cairnpoo gets along well with children and dogs, and can also find language with other pets if he grew up with them. Representatives of this breed are good watchdogs; they always warn their owners about the appearance of suspicious strangers or about the occurrence of extraneous sounds.

Wool and care

The Cairnpoo’s coat is short and thin, wavy or curly. The coat on the dog’s face is thicker and longer than on the body. The Cairnpoo should be brushed several times a week to prevent tangling and mats. Bathe this dog regularly using a mild shampoo. Particular attention must be paid to the hygiene of the oral cavity of the Cairnpoo, because he is prone to early tooth loss. Also, this breed is prone to dislocation of the patella, heart and retinal diseases.


Cairnpoo is quite independent, so it can be difficult to train him to go to the toilet on the street – for this you may need a special cage. The breed is good for a variety of tricks, but every success of the dog must be matched by a sweet reward. The Cairnpoo trainer must be honest, tenacious and fair.


Cairnpoo is suitable for living in a city apartment or house, but it must receive a sufficient amount of physical and mental stress. For home play, the Cairnpoo needs a variety of safe toys. This dog is in the mood to communicate with the family. This breed loves to frolic in a well-fenced yard or walk on a strong leash.

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