Canaan Dog: Dog Breed Description

The Canaan Dog is a very ancient dog bred in the Middle East as early as 2200 BC. The ancient Israelites used this breed to graze livestock and to guard their homes. These dogs were used very intensively during the Second World War, but even after it they served for a long time as guards, bloodhounds, and accompanied street patrols. The Canaan Dog continues to honor these responsibilities today. Once a fairly rare breed, these days these dogs have now firmly established their positions in Israel, Western Europe, England and the United States.


The Canaan Dog is a well-balanced, strong animal of medium size, extremely graceful, lithe, with good stamina and stamina. It is agile, muscular and an excellent working dog. A keen sense of smell and keen hearing allow Canaan dogs to recognize any danger from a distance.


It is believed that the Canaan Dog is one of the truly natural dog breeds. She is very intelligent, loyal, and deeply devoted to her master. Dogs of this breed are very attached to their family members and those whom they believe to be such, but at the same time they are extremely suspicious of strangers. They make excellent guard dogs, their only drawback is excessive barking. The Canaan dog should not be left alone for long periods of time. He treats older children well and often takes part in their games. It is not recommended to take the Canaan Dog into a home where there is already a dog of the same sex, cats or other small pets. These dogs have a very strong herding instinct, they will try to realize it in relation to everything and everyone that moves near their reach. The Canaan Dog is not recommended for the inexperienced owner, apathetic, or sedentary person.

Wool and care

The Canaan Dog is double coated. The outer layer is rather rough, straight, short and close to the body. The undercoat is soft to the touch and very dense. The color can be of two different varieties: solid white with a darker undercoat, or solid black red, chestnut and all shades of brown with or without white markings. Molting is seasonal and very intense. Taking care of a dog of this breed is quite simple: you just need to clean it with a special brush once a week; it is clear that during periods of seasonal molting, much more attention should be paid to cleaning. When necessary, you can bathe or brush your dog with dry shampoo. Common conditions for this breed are patella dislocation, eye problems, knee or elbow dysplasia, and hypothyroidism.


It is very important to remember that the Canaan Dog is originally a natural breed. Therefore, she grows up late, she has an independent character and she is rather stubborn. This means that she needs an experienced owner and a good coach. Early socialization and general obedience courses are imperative. It should not be used in relation to the Canaan dog of rude or arbitrary methods of education, but it really needs to show from a very early age “who is the boss”. Training should be conducted with firmness, respect, fairness, patience and consistency. Note that this dog can get bored quickly if you repeat the same thing with him.


The Canaan Dog requires a significant amount of strenuous exercise as well as mental stimulation. This breed perfectly shows itself in performing any work, grazing livestock and loves to take part in all family activities. It proves to be an excellent companion on long walks, jogging or hiking trips. It is best to keep these dogs in a house with a spacious fenced yard, where they can walk freely in freedom. But in principle, if you devote enough time to studying and training with the Canaan dog, then it will feel good in a city apartment as well.

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