Cane Corso Puppy Weight And Height By Months

Cane Corso is a breed that embodies strength, grace, beauty, endless devotion and love for man.

Ancient and modern history tells us that Molossian dogs have long been famous for their loyalty and affection. This also applies to the Italian Cane Corso breed, which is one of the most ancient representatives of the Molossian group.

1 month

During this period, the Cane Corso puppy is too sensitive, he develops conditioned reflexes, which means that the puppies are quite ready for training and training.

The puppy’s weight by two months should be between 6 and 8.5 kg. Incorrect and untimely adaptation can become a prerequisite for problems in the pet’s relationship with the outside world.

At this stage, it is worth observing the crumbs and determining the character of the future adult dog: who is an entertainer, a leader, and who is an imposing sloth.

Height 28 cm.

2 months

This is the best period for weaning a Cane Corso puppy from its mother, brothers; acquaintance and getting used to a new owner. The puppy needs to see all the diversity of the surrounding world.

During this period, the pet is the most gentle, inquisitive and sociable.

He studies any environment with interest: in the apartment it is the noise of a vacuum cleaner, the sound of a microwave oven, a telephone signal; outside – the noise of wind, rain and other trifles.

Weight 9 kg, height 32 cm.

3 months

At this stage, the Cane Corso puppy has developed a learning drive. Don’t miss this moment.

Having memorized the nickname, it is necessary to move on to mastering the basic commands: “fu”, “place”, “to me”, “sit”, “lie down”.

During this period, it is necessary to treat the pet carefully (they are too sensitive and vulnerable), to get away from stressful moments, encouraging the Cane Corso puppy with a treat. Weight 13.5 kg, height at the withers 42 cm.

4 months

Having matured, the Cane Corso puppy begins to study leadership in the family, tries not only to growl, but also to bite the owner during active games. Weight 16.5 – 18 kg. Height 47 cm.

5 – 6 months

After learning the basic commands, training should be continued systematically and include more complex tasks.

Most males show a high sexual alertness, manifested in jumping on the leg of the owner or other dogs.

This is a natural phenomenon, for which you should not severely punish the pet (perhaps in the future, the owner plans to use the pet as a producer).

Weight 22 – 29 kg, height 55 – 56.5 cm.

7 months

At this stage, Cane Corso puppies can show more independence, trying to assert themselves.

They may not take into account the commands that they previously performed with ease. Weight 25 kg, height 57.8 cm.

8 – 12 months

At this age, the Cane Corso puppy may experience a sense of fear. During a walk, he may be frightened by a completely familiar object or sound.

In this situation, the owner needs to show restraint and calmness, explaining to the pet that the item is not at all dangerous. Weight 33 – 40 kg, height 59 – 62 cm.

1 – 4 years

After mating in dogs of the Cane Corso breed (especially in males), the desire to take a leadership position again arises.

Former comrades, walking peacefully in the same yard, strive to fight, figuring out who is stronger.

Having great physical strength, Cane Corso will be able to fight back and even cripple an opponent who is several times larger than him in height and weight. Weight 43 – 50 kg, height 62 cm.

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