Cane Corso: Dog Breed Description

The modern Cane Corso are believed to be the direct descendants of the war dogs of Ancient Rome, the Canis Pugnax. The Cane Corso were tremendously prized by hunters and farmers for their immense power, loyalty, speed, courage and constant readiness to work. In the Middle Ages, these dogs were amazing hunters and very strong participants in bull fights. And today, this dog is still used with success by hunters and for hard work on the farm. But the very sight of this magnificent breed, full of power and physical strength, has done a disservice to these dogs, as they are considered to be very aggressive. However, this is not the case.


The Cane Corso is an absolutely fearless and very loyal dog. Due to its extraordinary size and enormous physical strength, it is possible that this dog is not suitable for every dog ​​breeder, however, with the right training, these dogs turn out to be excellent companions. A fearless protector for all family members, and a great pet in a properly organized environment, Cane Corso is very poised in character, despite its more than impressive size and intimidating appearance.


Suspicious of strangers, loyal and loyal guardian, Cane Corso is indeed a very good friend to many people. This dog not only treats children in his own family very well, he is also quite capable of protecting any other child. But, despite all the friendliness and poise, because of its size and physical strength, leaving a dog of this breed alone with kids is still not worth it. Cane Corso coexists peacefully with cats and other dogs, but cannot be completely trusted for the rest of the small animals.

Wool and care

The Cane Corso is dressed in a very short, smooth and dense coat, which should be harsh to the touch and somewhat coarse. The coat is shiny; however, it is never silky. The hairs are very dense, hard and shiny. Shedding is very weak, loose hair can be easily removed using a rubber glove specially made for this purpose. Caring for Cane Corso is very simple. It is enough to regularly wipe the dog with a damp cloth and clean it with a stiff brush or – the already mentioned rubber glove. You should also wipe your dog’s mouth from time to time, as this dog can sometimes drool. The dog’s large and very saggy eyes, which are often inflamed from dirt or street dust, require special attention.


The Cane Corso is not at all a suitable dog, even for a breeder with average experience. This dog is well aware of its physical strength and with the wrong upbringing, it may well seize dominance. The owner of such a dog must understand his responsibility, be moderately tough and consistent. When raising this somewhat headstrong breed, it is best to stick to a variety of methods. Cane Corso is very smart and quick-witted, and therefore easy to learn. Regardless, the dog needs to get used to obedience from the very first months of its life.


In order for Cane Corso to remain healthy and active, he needs a significant amount of exercise. The strong muscles and immense power of this dog require constant training, which only a large and well-fenced yard can provide. The Cane Corso is the perfect jogging companion. He also loves long walks with his owner. In order for the muscles of the dog to maintain the required shape, you need to train with it for at least 90 minutes a day, and possibly even more.

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