Central Asian Shepherd Dog: Dog Breed Description

This ancient breed of working dogs comes from the Central Asian republics located on the territory of the former USSR. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog, also know as Alabai, was and continues to be used to protect livestock from large predators such as wolves and bears. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs are very popular in England, Poland and Italy. However, due to the ban on their export, dogs of this breed are practically unknown in the United States and it is almost impossible to acquire them there.


A massive breed of immense size, the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a muscular, very strong, and fearless dog. She is well-balanced, absolutely not afraid of anything, has a strong and athletic build.


A dog of this breed should not be started by indecisive and timid people, as well as those dog breeders who do not have sufficient experience. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is confident, independent, courageous and hardworking. She is extremely suspicious of all strangers and is always ready to meet any danger, as they say, face to face. The Alabai makes an excellent protector of home, family and territory. A loyal, calm, and loyal dog, great for the children with whom she grew up, but very negative about those whom she does not know. If other dogs or pets do not provoke or challenge the Alabai in any other way, then usually no misunderstandings arise between them.

Wool and care

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog has a double layer of wool; There are two subspecies of this breed: long-haired and short-haired. In long-haired Alabai dogs, the outer layer of wool is long and rather coarse. On the hind legs from the back, on the tail, ears and neck of the dog, the coat is much thicker and longer. In the short-haired subspecies, the outer layer of the coat is also rather coarse, only much shorter in length. Both subspecies of dogs have a soft and dense dense undercoat. To remove lost and dead hair, it is recommended: periodic brushing with a stiff brush for short-haired subspecies and combing out with a special comb for long-haired ones. Bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. Typical diseases in the Alabai dogs are hip dysplasia and bloating.


If the Central Asian Shepherd Dog is not used exclusively for guarding flocks, then it must undergo early and intensive socialization. This is the dominant breed that requires a very experienced owner. The Alabai will not tolerate rough or arbitrary treatment. Teaching should be conducted with respect, firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


The Shepherd Dog of the Central Asian breed is categorically not suitable for living in a city apartment. She loves to bark at night very much. The Central Asian Shepherd Dog should live in a rural environment where it will have some work to do and a safe and well-fenced area for free walks.

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