Chinese Chongqing Dog: Dog Breed Description

This unique and ancient breed comes from the Southwest region of China. It was bred over 2000 years ago, during the reign of the Han Dynasty. The Chinese Chongqing served for protection, and in addition, was a symbol of a high position in society, so only the elite had the right to keep it. These dogs are good hunters for small game, and they hunt, focusing exclusively on their instincts. To this day, Chinese Chongqing is a great rarity and it is extremely difficult to acquire it.


The Chinese Chongqing dog is a medium-sized dog breed with a strong build and somewhat square shape. It is a well-developed, muscular and alert animal. The Chongqing Dog has a noble appearance, full of inner dignity.


The Chinese Chongqing Dog is not suitable for inexperienced or insecure owners. She has the strongest protective instinct from nature and a very high level of drive. This is a natural breed of dogs that did not develop as a result of selective breeding, but in the process of natural evolution. Chongqing in China is a loyal and loyal companion who gets along well with older children in the home. At the same time, it is not recommended to start a dog of this breed if there are already other dogs or other pets in the house. The Chinese Chongqing Dog is extremely cold and suspicious of strangers. Without a doubt, she rushes to defend her family, property or territory.

Wool and care

Smooth, dense, short, coarse, and glossy coat. Due to the fact that the Chongqing dog has it so simple, grooming is actually minimal. From time to time, you need to bathe your dog, using a shampoo of medium hardness for this purpose. This will help prevent skin problems. Due to the extreme rarity of this breed, there is no information about any characteristic diseases yet. Chinese Chongqing dogs do not tolerate cold climates.


The Chinese Chongqing Dog needs a dominant owner who commands respect. Under no circumstances should harsh, oppressive or pain-based parenting methods be applied to this breed. It is imperative to conduct a course of early socialization and obedience training with the dog. Classes should be conducted with respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


Responsible breeders will not sell the Chongqing Dog to families living in a city apartment or condominium. This breed is categorically not suitable for keeping in such conditions. Chinese Chongqing Dog in China requires regular vigorous training and a well-fenced, vast courtyard. Never let him walk freely in an unfenced or unsafe area.

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