Chinese Crested: Dog Breed Description

The Chinese Crested Dog is a very popular dog breed, cute, cheerful and affectionate in nature. There are two varieties of this breed: a completely hairless dog and a covered one. And although these two subspecies differ somewhat in appearance, they have exactly the same character. An intelligent dog that will not let you get bored, this dog will stick its curious nose everywhere, it will climb up and bury itself in the ground. The naked subspecies of the Chinese Crested Dog feels better in warmer climates, while the “woolen” subspecies can easily exist in colder ones, especially if you wear it before going outside.


The Chinese Crested by nature has excellent manners, she is constantly in a good mood, rarely barks and does not bite at all. Although dogs of this breed can be distrustful and wary of strangers. The Chinese Crested Dog is a wonderful pet that is ready to cheer you up at any time. This breed is generally characterized by obedience and the desire to please its owner in every possible way.


The Chinese Crested Dog is a loyal family member who adores its owners. She gets along well not only with children, but also with all other animals that are in the house. This is a very smart and very quick-witted dog, which, however, requires early socialization, since this breed is generally characterized by shyness and indecision.

Wool and care

There are two completely different outwardly subspecies of the Chinese Crested Dog: the first is a woolly dog ​​covered with long hair, the second is the naked Chinese Crested Dog, which has only long strands on its head and legs. And if the woolly subspecies requires careful and accurate care, then the naked Chinese crested dog needs literally minimal care. In any case, this is a very clean dog with no characteristic smell at all. This dog must be carefully protected not only from the cold, but also from direct sunlight. In order to protect the extremely delicate and sensitive skin of this breed from sunburn or burns, it is recommended to use a regular sunscreen. The woolly variety of this breed needs daily brushing and brushing in order to keep this dog’s amazing coat clean and to prevent mats from forming. Shedding in dogs of this breed is completely absent.


Since this is an extremely intelligent breed of dog, they show their best side in all types of competitions where complete obedience to the owner is required. Classes should be carried out on a sequence basis; however, you need to constantly remember that this autumn is an impressionable breed of dog, which means that it needs an affectionate and gentle trainer. The Chinese Crested dog performs various tricks with great pleasure.


The Chinese Crested dog feels great in an ordinary city apartment, even if you don’t walk with it in the yard at all. It is enough for her that you regularly play with her at home. When you do take it out into the open air, do not forget to carefully cover it from the sun and protect it from cold weather.

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