Chinese Foo Dog: Dog Breed Description

This amazing dog comes from China. The Foo dog is so versatile that it can hunt, graze livestock, transport a sled, and serve as an excellent watchdog. It is not for nothing that dogs of this breed guard Buddhist temples and are considered sacred in Buddhism. Chinese Foo is the talisman of the most secret sect in the world known as the Tang. The followers of this society sincerely believe that the Foo dog brings them good luck.


An energetic, hardy, and courageous breed of dogs, somewhat reminiscent in appearance of a lion. The Chinese dog Foo is strong, somewhat square in build, compact and carries great dignity, like a queen in exile.


The Foo Chinese dog is not a suitable breed for beginner dog breeders and first-time dog owners. It is a friendly, loyal and courageous breed. But, despite all its meekness and obedience, this dog may well insist on its own when it needs it. She treats strangers with great distrust and suspicion, and, although she herself is not too large, is always ready to defend her family’s property and territory if they are in danger. The Chinese Foo dog is completely family oriented and seeks to maximize human interaction. Absolutely calmly perceives children and other pets, especially if they grew up together.

Wool and care

The Chinese dog Foo has a double and very warm coat that reliably protects it from bad weather. The outer coat is thick, hard, dense and straight. Under it is a soft and dense undercoat. The Chinese Foo dog requires regular and fairly frequent brushing with a stiff brush. If necessary, bathe your dog with a mild shampoo. No specific diseases for the breed are known yet.


The Chinese Foo is an intelligent and quick-witted dog that learns very quickly. It is imperative to conduct early socialization and obedience training – a general training course. The fact is that it is a rather dominant breed that can be difficult to manage. Rough or arbitrary methods of dealing with the Chinese Foo dog are ineffective. Training should be conducted with respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


The Foo Chinese dog is a very versatile dog breed that can adapt to almost any environment as long as you spend enough time walking and practicing together. You can keep him in the city, but it is even better if the dog has a small yard or any other safe place where he could walk freely.

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