Chinook: Dog Breed Description

Arturo Tridwell Walden bred a 1917 Chinook breed in New Hampshire. The main purpose of these animals was to serve as sled dogs. And they did it very well. Chinooks could pull heavily loaded sleds over very long distances. Alas, unfortunately, today most of these wonderful dogs have simply died out, currently no more than 500 specimens are known for certain. Chinook has become an extremely rare breed, and it is almost impossible to acquire such a puppy now.


Chinook is a truly American breed of dog. They are extremely dignified, very sociable, they move smoothly and even gracefully. Chinooks mature slowly, have athletic build and are generally very attractive in appearance.


This is a very loyal, intelligent, calm, and friendly breed of dog. Chinook is great with children, dogs and other pets. These dogs are slightly fearful of new surroundings and strangers, but never show aggression or shyness. They are reliable, loyal, versatile and patient. Chinooks make excellent working dogs and good companions for the whole family. Dogs of this breed are not suitable as watchmen, because they do not like to bark. Chinooks have a very sensitive nature and cannot be alone for long periods of time.

Wool and care

Chinook dogs are dressed in a two-layer wool coat. The outer coat is thin, coarse, of medium length and quite close to the dog’s body. The undercoat is soft and thick. On the neck, chest and tail, the hair is thicker, longer and richer. This breed of dog sheds heavily and actively. Chinooks require minimal maintenance as their fur is virtually self-cleaning. Weekly brushing with a dense bristle brush will minimize the free shedding of dead hairs. Typical diseases for this breed are problems with the eyes, skin, hip dysplasia, epilepsy and cryptorchidism.


Chinook is a very intelligent breed of dog; they actively strive to earn the praise and affection of their owner. It is recommended to conduct an early socialization course and obedience training. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods. Training should be conducted with respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


It is not recommended to keep a dog of this breed in a city apartment. Chinook needs an aviary or a house with a securely fenced yard, although he does not require a significant amount of exercise. Chinook cannot live on the outside, he must be kept somewhere inside the house. Dogs of this breed are especially successful in karting, transporting sleds and various goods, search and rescue of people, agility and flyball.

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