Chow Chow: Dog Breed Description

Chow Chow is an ancient breed that is more than 2000 years old and comes from China. These dogs originally served for quite a few purposes, in particular for hunting, grazing livestock, transporting goods, and also for protection. They are usually referred to simply as “Chows” and today they have evolved mainly into companion dogs.


Chow Chow can rightfully be called a true masterpiece of dignity and beauty. A unique feature of these dogs is the bluish-black tongue. They have a sharp mind, demonstrate independence of spirit and noble behavior. Chow-Chows are somewhat detached, and it seems that they can see right through you.


Chow Chows are usually extremely polite and patient in their behavior. They are very loyal and friendly dogs when it comes to their family, but they are extremely cold and aloof with strangers. Most often, they choose for themselves one member of the family, to whom they are especially attached and whom they especially protect. They are domineering, serious, and rather stubborn dogs. Chow Chow is a very dominant breed that needs a dominant owner. They are very capricious and used to rely on their own minds. If these dogs did not grow up with other pets, directly from an early age, they rarely find a common language with them. Older children in the Chow Chow house usually get along, provided they know exactly how to handle the dog. Chow Chow requires undoubted respect for itself.

Wool and care

Chow Chow has a very rich and even luxurious double coat, which can be either short-haired or long-haired. Particularly thick and long fur is located around the neck area, which makes it resemble a lion’s mane. The outer coat is rather coarse and thick, while the undercoat is dense underneath. The most common colors are red, black, blue, brown, and gray. Chow Chows are never colorful. Molting is active, seasonal. These dogs require daily brushing. In order for the Chow Chow’s coat to be maintained in proper condition, it is very important to regularly care for it. If necessary, bathe the dog or clean it with dry shampoo. Typical diseases for this breed are heatstroke, allergies, all kinds of skin problems, twisting of the eyelids and hip dysplasia. Chow Chows do not tolerate anesthesia very well. You should not get these dogs in hot climates.


Chow Chow requires intense, extensive, and ongoing training in both socialization and obedience. They get used to keeping the house clean quickly enough. However, the peculiarity of these dogs is that they are ready to perform only those tasks, the meaning of which is absolutely clear to them. From an early age, they need to explain who is the boss in the house, otherwise, they may decide that this role belongs to them. Education must be carried out on the basis of firmness, fairness and consistency. Rude or arbitrary training methods are unacceptable with these dogs, if they see that they are being treated without due respect, this can make them aggressive. Chow Chows show special talents when it comes to guarding or guard dogs.


Chow Chows in general are a very lazy breed. Most of all, they like to sit at home and completely inactive. These dogs are willing to take a little walk in a small fenced yard, but are reluctant to stay outside for too long or in hot weather. They find it most beneficial to take short daily walks. Chow Chows are perfect for living in a city apartment.

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