Clumber Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The Clumber Spaniel breed was bred in England in the mid-14th century and is by far the largest of the spaniel family. Because of their solemn and dignified demeanor, these dogs were the favorites of the British monarchs. The Clumber Spaniel is very adept at hunting, especially when raising a pheasant or partridge from the grass. He is an excellent diver, has a unique sense of smell and demonstrates remarkable resilience and endurance.


The Clumber Spaniel is not only a beautiful but extremely rewarding working breed; a true aristocrat for many generations. This breed belongs to the category of rare, it is extremely difficult to acquire a Clumber Spaniel. This is a stocky dog ​​moving slowly and with dignity, it is balanced and affectionate to its owner. Clumber spaniels make excellent companions.


Of all the hunting breeds, the Clumber Spaniel is perhaps the most reserved and calm. They are gentle, sweet, and extremely sharp-minded. A pleasant dog with good manners, the Clumber Spaniel gets along well with other dogs, cats and other pets that grew up with them in the same house. Typically, the Clumber Spaniel bestows its affection on one specific person in its family. Clumber Spaniels are very good with children. They are not always willing to welcome strangers, but they never show shyness or aggression. Dogs of this breed value companionship and human attention very much.

Wool and care

The Clumber Spaniel’s coat is straight, smooth, dense and protects it well from the vagaries of the weather. The structure is soft and absolutely not rough. The ears, legs and belly of the dog are slightly decorated with longer strands, and a luxurious thick collar is located on the neck. The Clumber Spaniel is covered with two layers of wool. The outer layer consists of long guard hairs, while a thick and soft undercoat is hidden underneath. The color is predominantly white, with red or lemon markings. Molting is quite intense. The Clumber Spaniel needs daily grooming using a dedicated comb and brush. From time to time, the services of a professional hairdresser are also required. The dog’s eyes and ears should be cleaned regularly. The most common diseases in this breed are hip dysplasia, juvenile claudication, dry eyes and cataracts. It is very important not to overfeed the dog, as this breed is generally prone to obesity. Flea allergies and skin allergies have been observed. Due to its very dense and warm coat, the Clumber Spaniel overheats easily, so this should also be monitored.


Dogs of this breed are very eager to please their owner, they have an excellent memory, and therefore raising a Clumber Spaniel is not difficult. This is a quiet and unassuming dog, which should not be used with rude or arbitrary methods. The most effective is a quiet learning process based on positive stimulation, praise, love, fairness, and consistency. It is recommended to conduct early socialization of the dog, as well as a course of general training.


Clumber spaniels are equally suitable for keeping in an apartment and in an ordinary house. But they need daily activities such as active walks, such as accompanying the owner on a bicycle, playing ball or swimming. With a lack of physical activity, the dog can become overweight, its muscles atrophy, and its life expectancy will be significantly reduced.

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