Cockapoo: Dog Breed Description

Cockapoo is extremely quick-witted, having received most of his intelligence from one of his progenitors, the Poodle. Perhaps that’s why he became so popular as a pet. A sturdy little dog with a wonderful character. And although the Cockapoo is a rather calm breed, which is even somewhat passive, in the absence of proper socialization, it happens that these dogs show a certain aggression.


The Cockapoo is a loyal, intelligent and very affectionate dog that is quite easy to train. This is not surprising, because this dog was obtained by crossing with one of the smartest dogs in the world – the Poodle. Dogs of this breed make excellent students. If you add here also the extremely cute appearance of the Cockapoo, then it is not surprising that this dog managed to subdue many hearts.


This breed is extremely eager to earn praise from its owner, it is energetic and friendly, which makes the Cockapoo an extremely popular family companion. Although he usually communicates quite peacefully with both children and other pets, in this regard he needs constant monitoring. Since both the Poodle and the Spaniel, the result of crossing which is the Cockapoo, have certain problems with aggressiveness, this breed also inherited this disadvantage from both of them. Therefore, the appropriate necessary measures must be taken at a very early age.

Wool and care

Since the Cockapoo is a designer breed of dog, it does not have any specific standards. However, the denser and curlier the coat is, the better it is. This dog must have both Spaniel and Poodle coat characteristics. This breed needs regular brushing and brushing. And, despite the fact that Cockapoo are generally not prone to active shedding, constant cleaning makes this process even easier by removing dead or fallen hairs. Professional grooming should be done at least once a year.


The Cockapoo is a very intelligent dog that literally grasps everything on the fly. This dog easily goes through a general training course, and with the right training and proper care of the Cockapoo, you will have an almost perfect pet. This breed is excellent at picking up on your tone of voice, so while training should be done with consistency and perseverance, keep in mind that it should be gentle enough for the dog as well.


Cockapoo is a light-hearted and cheerful dog who loves human attention and family-wide play. And if you walk your dog every day, it may well do without a separate yard. Unfortunately, Cockapu does not miss the opportunity to overeat something tasty, so regular exercise is very important for him.

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