Cocker Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful and intelligent dog that makes a wonderful pet. The only limitation may be the presence of small children, since dogs of this breed require careful handling. Cocker spaniel requires early socialization, which helps to solve many behavioral problems, in particular shyness, which is often the cause of dog aggression and constant urination.


Cocker Spaniels are intelligent and very loyal dogs. However, they do require a really energetic owner as they are a very playful and active breed. Despite all its liveliness and cheerfulness, the Cocker Spaniel is a domestic dog breed and should not be left outdoors for a long time. It is especially difficult for him to endure hot weather, since these dogs have a long and rather thick coat. With proper care, the Cocker Spaniel will surely bring a lot of joy into your life.


Cocker Spaniels are very beautiful dogs that usually get along well with older children and animals, as long as they don’t stick too much with them. This is an extremely fun dog breed that loves to play and sometimes bark excessively. But if you do not pay enough attention to Cocker, or if you do not carry out timely and adequate socialization, he can become a kind of home tyrant.

Wool and care

This breed has a very beautiful long, straight or slightly wavy, silky coat, usually white, pure black or cream in color. In order to maintain the desired average length of the strands, professional grooming is necessary from time to time. If you want to keep it as long as it is to decorate the dog, the Cocker Spaniel’s long, straight or slightly wavy coat requires daily brushing and brushing. The eyes and ears of the dog require daily grooming and cleaning, otherwise irritation or infectious inflammation can occur here.


It can be difficult to train the Cocker Spaniel to maintain proper cleanliness in the house, but in general this dog is very smart and easy to train. First of all, this playful breed must complete a general obedience course. Since originally dogs of this breed were bred exclusively for hunting purposes, the Cocker Spaniel, with proper and gentle training, quickly learns the basics of obedience.


It will be better if you keep the Cocker Spaniel in a house where there is at least a small yard, but if you devote sufficient time to walking and raising the dog, then your pet will feel great in a city apartment. The activity of the Cocker Spaniel is quite high, and it requires a significant amount of training and physical activity. Therefore, if you still do not have your own yard, be prepared to take the dog for a walk at least 3 times daily and then your pet will always be healthy, cheerful and cheerful.

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